At Zanzibar Hotel..

I love my body and ****. I had good experience in massages, but my urge to be naked along with guys is not quenched. Whenever I find time I used to show my **** to other guys and get good comments from them

Recently I have been to Zanzibar for a holiday out. It was a beautiful beach place and I loved the atmosphere. My hotel is on the beach side and one can walk from their room to beach.
Full day, I was wearing a sheer white underwear which shows my **** beautifully.

I ordered some chicken and scotch to room service and sat infront of the window stretching my legs leasurely. if any body come inside they can see my semi erected **** through my sheer underwear. My order was honored ten minutes later with a ring at the door. I opened the door and room ervice guy came inside and looked at me. He must have shocked looking at me. My **** was hanging between my legs and I went back to the relaxing chair and stretched my legs and closed my eyes. He kept the tray on the table and asked me in local language whether it need to be served at the place where I sat.
I said yes to that. He arranged the table closer to me and handed the scotch to me. He had a little smile on his face. I asked about that.
He pointed his finger at my **** and laughed. I also smiled and said nothing. As I had a big ****, normally men likes unless they hate to see other's bodies/*****. As I found the attention from this guy, my **** started getting hard. He left the room.
As the scotch smoothly going down into my throat and tasting chicken in between, I felt great and wanted to have a ******** infront of a guy.
I called for another large scotch and this time also the same guy came and again he laughed at my ****. I asked him to wait for some time. My **** is fully grown to 8 inches and my sheer underwear struggling to cover it. His eyes were stuck on my ****. I offered him a chicke piece and immediately he grabbed it.

I started massaging my ****. He gave a scary look to me and looked trough window whether anybody watching. I waved my hand to him to sit quiet and not to worry. I asked him to show his **** out. I saw a bulge through his coat. I saw many black guys naked and they usually good in body shape and **** size. hesitatingly he said no, to show his ****.

I pulled my underwear down and started stroking my ****. He was looking with opened eyes and gradually changed his feeling. I was sure that he would also **********. the bulge under his coat has grown up and he unzipped his coat and pulled the **** out. As I expected he has got a very good package and it was bigger than mine. Becasue of the colour, it was looking like a gaint rod. I asked whether we could ******** each other. He said no and he started stroking his ****. with in a minute he arched back, sighed loudly and shot the load but it was amazing to see him shooting his ***. Huge load and sprayed almost 5feet away from where he stood. This gave me ******* intensfying feeling and I also shot a huge load all over the floor. Without uttering a single word, he took tissue and cleaned all the floor. All this his **** was hanging down gave me a eye full look.

He asked me some money and ofcourse, I gave 5 dollar note. He gave a very grateful look and took my hand and touched his forehead. I thought that this was the style of saying thank you in Zanzibar. I am sure you all will surprise, the age of this guy was 53 years and he was looking like 35years. I would definitely try him to **** me next time.
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