Wife Bares All

My beautiful redhead wife is generally shy about showing her body but not always and at times I can get her to be fairly exhibitionist. Recently I have taken many pictures of her in various forms of undress. I especially like the ones in her pink lace teddie which is cut to the waist and we can clearly see her nipples and red bush through the fabric and in a few the fabric has slid to the side revealing her full breast. What she does not know is that I have shared these pics on line with lots of men almost all of whom have offered to **** her for me and are wanting me to arrange that as she has a very fuckable ***. Most men I've found, after looking at her pics want to take her doggie
long2watch long2watch 51-55, M 8 Responses Dec 20, 2011

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Love to see her add me

do you show her face?

Seems like you would post at least some of them.

I saved them in a format this site does not like, but would email them to you

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Feel free to add me to your circle.

i haven't even seen her...but, put me on that "want to" list! thanks!

Please share!

As I have said in anothe comment. Post the pictures on EP and allow those in your circle to see your hot readhead wife. I would want to be the first in line. I love redhead women.

would be nice to see them pics