Good And Plenty !

I have ddd sized breasts, my girls are bigger than a handfull. Men love to play with them. Grab at them like they are trying not to drop them ,as if they are fragile.I love to show them every chance I get. When" parking" I love to pull them out of thier cups, and having the guy play,lick,suck,tweek my nipples.I always lean back into the seat and thrust my breasts out a little more, glancing out the window, hoping someone else would look in the car window to see my twin girls and close friends ,nipples at play.I would be game for someone else to join in I have plenty to go around
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As you well should! Enjoy as much as you can

I am always on the lookout for.....You ! Mmmmmmmmm.

Love the story thank you very much please add


love the thought of helping you with this, very hot, thanks for sharing

You should be proud.

I would love to help you in anyway u want

You seem duly proud of your breasts. Why not share a few pics of your prized possessions?

put then up here mmmm my ones i play with are DD"s and very nice to see and play with.

lets connect n make fantasies realities plz

mm mmm mm sounds very hot...can i be your friend? lol

I love it when my wife shows off her DD's... I remember the first time it happened and it changed our fantasy world and experiences dramatically... Hot! When was the first time u experienced their power? (haha funny but true)...

I would not mind licking, caressing, squeezing, sucking, nibbling and playing with them. But you better make sure you have time, because it sounds like they deserve a few hours.

Did it just get a little warm or was it the idea of your dedication to my breasts? Oh my !

I'd love to roll into a parking lot with you. :)