How I Found Out Some People Love My Feet

I guess it all started about four years ago. I was on holiday and a girl that I'd only known for a couple of days told me that she felt embarassed admitting it, but she really liked my feet.

I didn't really know how to react to her telling me this. When I asked what she liked about them she said she couldn't really explain it but she liked how strong they were and my flat soles.

A couple of nights later we slept together and she asked me to give her a footjob. I didn't know exactly what to do so I just tried to emulate what I usually do with my hands and mouth but with my toes and soles. She seemed to enjoy it very much anyway.

When I returned home from holiday I was intruiged by how fascinated this girl was with my feet so I ended up posting a video of my feet online to see if this was a one-off thing or if it was common.

To my amazement I got a massive response. Most comments that were left did seem to be from other men saying how hot my feet were but there were a couple of enthusiastic posts left by women too.

Since then I have always been conscious of other people noticing my feet when I've got them on show. At first I thought I was imagining it and that it was just this one-off girl that had got into my head but I noticed that every once in a while I would catch someone surreptitiously trying to catch a glimpse of my feet at every possible opportunity.

I once even caught a guy at the next table to me in a cafe filming them. I didn't say anything to him or let on that I had noticed. It would have been too embarassing.

It's just really opened my eyes to foot fetishes. I knew they existed amongst men for women but didn't realise they existed for men's feet too. From my experience, I would say there are a lot more guys who are into male feet than women, but there are women out there who are into male feet.

It's amazing what you can learn from going on holiday...
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That's a well written story. I can't believe there was a man actually filming your feet! Its reassuring to me to know that more men have a thing for other male feet than they do for female's feet!

Nice. I used to be a bit embarrassed to wear flip flops when I was younger , but I always wanted to. I think my family is silly they looked at me funny for wearing them when I bought some even though I live in Florida! Anyway I'm so glad I do because I wear flip flops probably over 3/4 of the year. I actually have more flip flops than shoes plus I have also been I have nice feet for a guy. I'm still not sure of what to make of it though , but I show them off anyway and honestly I wish people would notice more .

I bought a pair of flip flops last year for the 1st time; they feel really good and comfortable on the soles of my feet but I don't like the idea of people who know me seeing me wearing them! :)

Yes, you are sure right about that one. I think too, more men than woman are into feet.<br />
I have always been, since I was a youngster...