Mitzi's Sexy Legs

I like women with muscular calves and I can’t remember when I didn’t. And I’m not the only one. I know because my girlfriend (she has muscular calves and wonderfully veiny feet and ankles) and I have an internet business where we sell videos and images of her muscular calves and thirty-three other muscular-calved women and we have a worldwide customer base consisting of a few hundred or so repeat customers and each month we get an average of a dozen or so new ones.

It all started with me taking pictures of my girlfriend’s calves—her stage name is Mitzi, of course. She wondered somewhat exasperatedly (after posing for me the fifth or sixth time) if there was money to be made on the internet selling the kinds of pictures I had been taking for my own enjoyment. “Are there others with a calf fetish?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. (I knew that for a fact because of what I had read posted on the discussion boards associated with the various websites that featured female bodybuilders, fitness types and associated sportswomen. Scores of guys wanted to know if other guys liked girls with muscular calves as much as they did, where could they see pictures and videos of muscular calves, etc., etc.) “Should we have our own website?” she asked. The abovementioned websites charged a monthly fee for membership and offered downloadable video clips and stills of flexing, posing, and interviews with the models, but they all featured hundreds if not thousands of girls and women. I didn’t think videos and stills of Mitzi alone would draw enough business, plus it wasn’t worth the hassle and expense of finding someone to design and maintain a website and to take care of the billing and all the other things involved with a stand-alone website. So I said, “No, there must be some other way to market your legs. If I like them, so will others,” I said.

So I emailed the webmasters/owners of some of the larger sites and asked their suggestions on how I should proceed, given that I had only one model—Mitzi. One webmaster/owner wrote back saying I should try clips4sale. I’d never heard of it but typed in my browser bar, hit Enter, and there it was—“The #1 Downloadable Clip Site on the Net,” and it was astonishing. There were hundreds of thousands of downloadable fetish clips of all imaginable kinds (now there’s a million). Its sister site, images4sale, offered downloadable fetish image sets. Both sites had three ways to search for fetishes: by category, particular studio (if you knew of one), and by keyword. All you had to do was select something and hit search and hundreds of ‘studios’ as clips4sale calls the individually hosted sites, would appear on your screen. I shook my head in amazement when I saw it the first time, but there wasn’t even one calf fetish studio.

I called Mitzi and told her what I’d found and told her to take a look. “I’ll send the link,” I said. Minutes passed, then more minutes, and then she called back. “It’s gross,” she said, and indeed, some fetishes were—at least to me, but who am I to judge another’s fetish? “And I don’t see any for just calves, either,” she added. “We’d be the first and only,” I said, hoping she’d give me the go-ahead. After some persuasion, she finally relented, meaning I’d be able to take lots of pictures of her muscular calves and make money to boot. I ran out and bought a fairly low-end Panasonic camcorder and a digital camera.

In March of 2007, with the help of a guy who had a Mac with video editing capability, we made and posted our first clips made with the Panasonic camcorder. Three months later, I saw a girl with huge calves working in a deli where I sometimes get lunch. I told Mitzi and she said I should ask her to model for us. Next time I was in the deli, I told the girl she had great calves and asked if I could take some pictures of them. She said ‘sure’ like it was no big deal and told me to come back after her shift was over. I did, got some shots and some video and when I got home, I opened up our second studio. Since then, I’ve advertised online, approached women on the street with offers of paid photoshoots (I’m not joking), done shoots with former co-workers and their muscular-calved friends, and as of March of 2010, we have thirty-three muscular-calved models on our other studio, Mongo Big Calves.

Now, thanks to a higher-end Sony Handycam that makes excellent high-resolution mpeg2s and Windows Moviemaker (so I don’t have to borrow the guy with the Mac anymore) we have two hundred seventy-nine crystal clear clips (of Mitzi’s muscular calves and wonderfully-veined ankles and feet) and five hundred seventy-three crystal clear clips (of the others’ muscular calves) for sale on our two studios. To be more precise, it’s the digital copies of these clips that are for sale. This is how it works: buy a clip with your credit card and clips4sale sends you a download link. You click on the link and ‘save’ the file to wherever on your computer you want. When the digital copy is downloaded to your computer, it’s yours to keep. Watch it as many times as you like. Incidentally, this is the remarkable part of the downloadable clips business from a merchandising point of view. The original stays where it is—that is, on the clips4sale server. The customer gets a perfect digital copy. You never have to restock the digital shelves, so to speak. We make a tidy income which we split—her half is enough to make a monthly car payment, more or less, and her exasperation at being filmed has dissipated as the money has come in. (Clips4sale takes 40%, which seems fair enough since it frees us from the hassle of website maintenance, billing, etc.)
Dreamspinner Dreamspinner
61-65, M
Oct 1, 2011