My Legs

I have always liked to show off my legs. I might be getting on a bit but i think I'm in damned good shape and my legs are about my best feature. I pretty much always wear skirts for work, not too short but short enough to show them off. Nights out are another matter. The skirts certainly get shorter on those occasions. I still like to go clubbing with my friends and  must confess that on nights my husband is away working the skirts can be very very short. I've even been known to "borrow" a short skirt off my daughter who is shorter than me so when i wear them they barely cover my bum.

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12 Responses Jul 18, 2008

OMG that is fantastic, I know the type of short short skirts... guys must have a ball around you... kiss

Now that is so hot - skirts are shorter when you go out without your husband. Love a woman who enjoys what she has and lets others enjoy seeing her. You must have a great time when out clubbing while wearing your daughter's mini.

Love legs, specially when they show... OMG that is so sexy

add me so that I can see those sexy legs darling

Well, she got my attention, and I love the confidence she exudes when talking about those legs. Yummy!

i love looking at legs love to see yours

Sounds very sexy indeed.........

Wonderful story. You enjoy life and it shows. <br />
<br />
With legs like yours you should show them off.

Very nice. Do you wear stockings or pantyhose with them at all, or sometimes?

Perhaps your husband would love if you wear the shortest of the shortest when you are going out together.

I would love to see those sexy legs of yours in a very short miniskirt :)

It is my legs on show in the logo.