Micro Mini and Ultra Short Micro Mini

I too love to show off my legs.  I wear pantyhose most of the time to enhance them.  Minis to work for me and micro minis most of the time after.  Just showing a bit of cheek and at parties I wear my ultra short mciro mini that shows a bit of me in front but all of my legs.

The attention I get is very flattering.  I feel so sexy & cute wearing my skirts and dresses as short as possible

amyhose amyhose 18-21 9 Responses Sep 29, 2008

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After all these posts, I die to see those legs.

Thank you for wearing pantyhose. I am a guy. I looovvveeee it when women wear pantyhose

Love women who feel sexy in mini s and hose very appealling to me...

Beautiful legs...well worth showing off. Thanks for sharing.

Women in skirts and dresses and hose!<br />
WOOF!<br />
to me a woman isnt all the way dressed if she isnt wearking stockings, they are HOT HOT HOT.

Women look so sexy in them! A big turn on for me! ;-)

show me some pictures to help me imagine. ;)

Good for you . I love pantyhose and mini skirts also!

Good for you . I love pantyhose and mini skirts also!