Well I Used to

These days I will only show from my knee down. I used to have great legs, I was even voted "girl with best legs" in High School.  I wore the micro minis and the ultra micro minis and I had a lot of pride in my figure. I was very curvy and full figured in all the right places. I went to all the dances and enjoyed the attention I was paid, I knew and know I'm an attractive woman.

The years have not been completely terrible, but, they have not been gracious either. However, I am in the process of getting myself back in shape. I will have great legs (and a$$) again!

PrettyPixie PrettyPixie
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11 Responses Oct 10, 2008

Well thank u cjpsf5, how sweet of u! *blushing & batting eyelashes*

Your legs are still very sexy........

Oh Josie, THANK YOU sweetie!!!! big (((((HUGS)))))

You go, girl. Be all you can be, to borrow a good phrase from another. Just remember you are beautiful, many here know it.

*big smile* awwww, thank you very much tulsa. You are very sweet to say so.

Honey you still have great legs!!!!

lol, well Grace, I used to get many compliments from a lot of girls as well as guys. The girls would always comment on what thin ankles I had, lovely knees, that type of compliment. If anyone was ever envious they never said anything. <br />
<br />
I did a lot of walking and biking in those days....trying to get back to that....not just to shape up the legs but, to feel better in general.

Aww! You sound like the type to make all other girls envious. :)

naughty twixy! lol ;)<br />
<br />
fairydust, well, I suppose we should try not to worry too much about it....as long as they move us from one place to another we are doing very well! :)

Yes, here's to us!!!

Go go go go go! I've started getting myself back in shape too, so good luck to both of us!