Judge For Yourself

As so many of you already know, a CD'ers best Friend is sometimes the mirror, or the camera. All this dressing up we do has to have some means to an end. Along with how it feels, sometimes, it's how it looks. I love how my legs look with a short skirt in a full length mirror. I think my legs are sexy, and I can show them off if I want to!

I have taken some pictures of myself. Not too many mind you, but a few. And yes, I have shared them over the Internet. (As brazen as that may be.) I get alot of comments, and one always comes back. "Hey, nice legs!" I'll admit it, I love the compliments.

The funny thing is I didn't even realize that there may be some truth to it, until there were so many comments on a popular photo site, that I had to pay attention. There's something about it when a stranger tells you how much he adores your legs, it makes me feel...sexy.

I have a couple of pictures in my profile. There not racy or anything, but they are some good leg shots. And I really want to show them off.

XXOO Brenda

BrendaCD BrendaCD
36-40, T
Mar 28, 2009