Blessed With Great Legs

I have many short skirts and dresses that I love to wear.  I have always been blessed with having great legs and a confident attitude.  I guess it helps with a little bit of an exhibitionists streak in me as well. 

There is something very powerful about commanding attention by just walking into a room.

miaforfun miaforfun
41-45, F
4 Responses Sep 28, 2009

Can just hear your high heels clicking on the marble floor while reflecting those long stems and what is partially hidden under those skirts...

Hello Mia ,
how are you ? Guy here , Belgium and surely a leg-addict . Noting sexier and more exciting then a mature and confident lady showing off her legs . Would love to take you out to shop for tight skirts and lovely stockings ,mmm . Followed by a fancy dinnerwhere you tease all evening with those lovely pins
Greetings ,
Guy .

I'd like to see those legs...

Well, you've got my attention. Let's hope I now get to see those pins of yours.