My Legs

I started posting photos of my legs..only because my hubby was drooling over a photo i took for him and he says "your legs are beautiful" and i of course said "NO"  he said "i dare you to post them as your avatar and see what happens" and the rest is history. so now i take photos all the time and i post or give them away as gifts....they are mainly for another site i belong to and for the men who want me to "model" their shoes for them....but its a turn on now to know that men look at my photos.

WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
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11 Responses Apr 9, 2010

Cool cat... I would love to take a peek... of course I love happy about the new short shorts that are on fashion... fantastic to go people watching... kiss

can you add me as a friend thanx

I'd like to see your legs...

I hope I get to see those legs.

legs you have, that's for sure!!!

awwww thank you..but i dont think so....

My best asset too. Luv your avatar, great pose.

silly :D

Thank goodness for the good weather then. : )

thanks .... i havent taken any new in a while. i will now that the weather is nice

I enjoy your sexy photos. Very nice legs.