Vacation Surprise

Talk about getting an instant mess in my shorts. My wife and I have been on vacation recently. A lot of places, and a lot of fun.
She was about to write this, but I really wanted to tell it since I already have a chubby reliving it.
We were sightseeing all day, and having cocktails here and there. The sun got us both exhausted, as well as goofy. (I will add a picture soon. Dropped laptop.). She had on this yellow flowery sundress that was very sheer. At my request, she had nothing under it. As we shopped, I told her that when the sun was right, I could see entire silhouette. It had very thin spaghetti straps which she let slip off a shoulder a few times as we shopped. More than a few times I looked at other things just watching her. When a strap slipped off a shoulder, you could see the top half of her aeriola. That drove me crazy and made it extremely hard to walk. An older couple was in one shop, and the guy noticed my wife's strap slide off her shoulder. He slipped away from his lady friend and next to my wife. They were going through racks of stuff and his eyes were glued as her spaghetti strap was still off her shoulder. Her nipple was the only thing holding the dress from sliding completely off. (I waited for that to happen!) Strolling through this village, when the sun was right, the view was crazy. (yes, she knew it!) I'd ask her to just stay at certain places so I could see the view. Most shops had stuff on the streets, and walking behind her seeing the sun shine through her sundress made it look like she was naked. It was "*****-iffic". I was getting so ridiculously horny. Keep in mind, this went on for about 4-5 hours as we enjoyed the local culture. When I got the see through views, I asked her to walk ahead of me. She slowly stopped and looked at what they were selling, chatting with other tourists. I don't think she knew how see through this dress was. I already told her that when the spaghetti strap slid off her shoulder how sexy it was. I watched as she shopped, seeing the sun shine through her dress making her seem naked. All the guys would stop to get the view I was getting. They just lurked near me saying, "look at her!" (seriously, this sundress is VERY thin material.) She loves how turned on I get when I watch her tease. She looked back at me and noticed a few guys near me watching her. She stopped at a shop, and me and the guys got closer pretending to be shopping as well. Finally, as she tried on a bracelet, her strap slid off her shoulder and just hung again above her stiff nipple. I heard the guys comment and I turned to them saying, "damn, she's hot!". I was hard as a rock seeing her smoking body through the dress and the spaghetti strap still off her shoulder revealing the top half of her ***. When she reached to get money to pay for it, she glanced over seeing myself and the 3-4 other guys watching her. She reached out to pay as the guys and me all gasped. The strap slipped lower and we saw her entire left ***. What was so friggin' hot is her nipple was hard and just gorgeous. She stayed there looking around and all of us walked over next to where she was. One of the guys started talking to her as his friends looked on with me. She was trying to get the clasp on the bracelet closed and the guy took her hand and helped. The strap still off her shoulder, and seeing her nipple exposed made me dribble in my shorts. We all went over and started talking to her as the guy was still trying to get the clasp on her bracelet closed. I looked down and just wanted to bite that nipple. If you've seen her pictures, then you know that my wife has got the most perfectly circular aeriola's and fantastic breasts. She grabbed her bags, fixed her strap, and walked on. We all looked at each other laughing at how hot that was.
About a block up I grabbed my wife's hand and told her that she is heaven sent. We ended up in this little pub off the beaten path. There was one guy sitting at the bar, a local obviously. We sat drinking pretty heavily with him getting all the tips on what to do while we were there. The 3 of us were hammered. Her strap was constantly and seductively falling off her shoulder and sitting at the bar made her boobs quite visible. She caught him staring at her *** whenever the strap slipped off her shoulder. We were so drunk, she said to him, "do you think I should get a boob job?", and she slipped both spaghetti strap off her shoulders and shows us her ****. He gladly stared at her boobs saying "NO!!!, they're perfect!!!". She thanked him and I said that I agreed 100%. When she fixed her straps, I slid the strap on my side off her shoulder. As she talked to him, (she was in the middle of us), I played with the strap, pulling down until her entire boob was out. She was so drunk she didn't do a thing. I actually had my hand rubbing over her nipple and tweaking it. She was facing him, telling a story, and him and I looked at each other smiling. I pulled out making her nipple like a pencil eraser. My other hand was rubbing my ****. After a few more drinks, I again whispered in her ear daring her to come out of the restroom totally naked and sit at the bar like nothing is wrong. To my surprise, she immediately got up off the stool. Him and I watched as she stumbled to the ladies room. Him and I started chatting, and about 3 minutes later my wife comes over and sits on the stool between us. He was telling me about a great place to go and we both looked as she grabbed her drink asking what we were talking about. She sat between us with nothing but her heels on. I automatically came. I tried grabbing my **** to stop it, but never had a chance. What was funny is the guy said, "is it your birthday? Cuz I see you wore your birthday suit.". We all cracked up and I actually fell off my stool which made us laugh more. She just sat there looking.....naked. Lol
He asked if he was in heaven, and she told him that I dared her to do it. He thanked me over and over when she went back in the ladies room and came back out dressed.
I'll get the picture up when I can.
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Yet another sexy fun story with your wife. Some people lead charmed lives [though do recall it was not all fun and games a while back]

Can you please add me?
I wanna see some more

Very hot!

Please add,me, no way in the world do i want to miss that pic!

Great story, really...
I need to see that dress, please add!

I'm loving the stories about your wife. Wish you were my neighbors.

Awesome story dude! Wish my wife was accomodating as yours. Keep going out and making hot stories, and by all means share em with us. Ya some pics along with the story would make it seem like we were there with you. Thanks again

Okay, so let's have your lovely wife's version of the story. I bet it is as hot as your is. WOW!

Love the stories. Keep it up :)