Are You Ready For Some Football?

     Like every other Playoff and Super Bowl Sunday, my wife and I go to this local dump bar and grill.  They have a few pool tables that are free,  and they have the best friggin chicken wings.  A lot of regulars sit up at the bar telling their war stories,  and the pool tables are behind them by the windows which are covered with blinds as well as a dark film to keep the sun from glaring in. Next to the pool tables there are tall round tables with 4 stools that we'd sit at and drink and eat wings. There are huge screens everywhere showing whatever games are on.  My wife has been a 49er fan since the Joe Montana days.  Showing our age a little, but my wife obviously has good genes,  eats right,  and 3 times a week at the gym doesn't hurt either I guess.  She has been waiting years for 49ers to make the playoffs and being a NY fan it was gonna be a fun day.  

     She has this #16 Joe Montana jersey that she's had for years. a while ago she cut it just below the 16 so her tight tanned belly and sexy belly-button ring showed.  Over the years it's shrunk a little,  but the colors are still perfect. When she wore it back then it still hung down covering everything, and being a guys jersey was very loose around her mid section.  We had made plans to go to the dump and watch the game and drink and eat wings.  During the week,  we were in bed and I had my head between her legs just making her nuts with my tongue.  As she was about to ***,  I nibbled, pulled on her lips and looked up pausing.  She was going nuts and saying how great I was and that she would do anything for me.  That's what I was waiting for.  I went crazy down there until she begged me to stop and giggled like a schoolgirl telling me she wanted to feel me inside her.  OK,  enough of that!!

I told her that  since we were going to the dump pub, it would be hot if she didn't wear a bra so she could make me nuts. She hesitated,  and jumped in

reminding her that she did say she would do anything....she agreed and said it's only older guys that face the bar anyway.  

     During the week,  I cut the jersey a little more just below the #16, about an inch I guess.  I couldn't wait to see how I did with my handy work.  Sunday comes around,  I was in the living room watching the 1st game as she is showering,  doing make-up,  hair, etc.  She put on her very short beige shorts that hug her tight *** and are just a little loose around the upper thigh.  The shorts bunch between her legs in time and just loose enough to see her crotch if she sat or stood the right way. We both had a few beers while we got ready. I walked by the bedroom to get another beer and she asked if I would get her another one.  I walked in the bedroom with her beer and she was facing the mirror doing her hair with just her tiny white thong panties that was lace in the front. I told her how much I loved her tight *** as I squeezed both cheeks,  and reached around grabbing both, just baby oiled breasts, telling her how perfect her boobs were. She turned around and hugged me and kissed me lightly. She didn't want to mess up her lipstick.  I went back to the game as she got dressed.  As she came out she said that her jersey must have shrunk and didn't know if she could go braless.  When I turned to look, I told her that she just has the shoulders pulled back and she pulled the front down making her feel better, plus I told her that she promised.  She agreed saying that the poor old guys that are there could probably use a thrill, and laughed.  She turned going back in the bedroom and as she did  I saw the entire lower half of both boobs because the jersey was so loose around her belly it just flew out as she spun.  I knew I was in for a great day.  I already had major wood going on and it was early. 

     We get to the dump with free pool,  great wings, and football.  We walked in and as expected the regular old farts are there facing the bar yapping back and forth.  We went to a table next to a pool table with a big screen right in front of us to watch the game. It was perfect.  An older woman with an apron comes over and my wife ordered a Long island iced tea and I ordered a pint of beer and the wings. The table was a high round table with 4 stools so you could sit or stand.  I was sitting waiting for our drinks and my wife proceeded to take off her 49er jacket.  As she slid 1 arm out of the jacket her entire right boob with her perfect nipple showed as the shirt went up over her entire boob,  and 1/2 her left boob almost to the nipple.  Then she started taking he other arm out and there came the left boob and nipple and 1/2 the right. She put the jacket on the back of her chair and I was instantly hard as a rock because her jersey didn't slide down on the left side,  the jersey sat on her nipple and she said, "Whoa, I better watch that".  I just about came in my pants and she looked at me saying "You probably never would have said a word, would you."  I just smiled and said "Sorry, that was the biggest turn on, and I couldn't say anything."  She laughed and walked around and grabbed my crotch and said "Wow,  you weren't kidding".

    The drinks came, and I went to rack the balls.  I was squatting and she chatted with the waitress with her drink already 1/2 gone.  She ordered another Long Island and sitting at the table and me squatting I could see sideways the bottom of both breasts since the jersey hung away from her body.I took my time racking as the view got better when her drink came and she reached up to grab it.  From my vantage point I got to see both perfectly teardrop shaped boobs and the most perfect nipples I've ever seen. I racked and told her that I would break and she agreed since she can't break for ****.  I broke nicely but nothing went in.  This is what I've been waiting for.  Her 2nd Iced Tea was almost gone. The wings were hot and she was drinking them like Fruit punch. I went to the table, grabbed my beer and a wing as she walked around looking to see what she wanted to shoot.  She saw an easy corner shot and facing away from me a little sideways, she bends over and I see her shorts go up showing me her great right leg with a little butt cheek,  and up her jersey as she aimed looking mostly up but from the side as the jersey hung open to the table. I stood there as she aimed looking at her leaning over with her jersey hanging down and now it was up over her nipples. I don't think she realized because it hung down where couldn't feel it.  She slit the stick back and forth getting ready to shoot and the shirt went further up as she reached.  She took the shot and her right arm went way up trying to hit it hard and I felt *** in my pants as her entire right side was in my face. The right side of the jersey shot up so much that I could see her necklace dangling and the left was up there to. Both boobs, nipples, just hanging perfectly with her nipples not totally erect but sticking out just the way perfect nipples do.  I had came in my pants slowly as this went on because I didn't want to freak her out.  She missed the shot and stood up pulling her jersey down and looked shocked turning around to cover herself up. She said "why didn't you tell me..." and she stopped  mid sentence saying,"forget it,  I already know the answer", and shook her head with a sly grin, like what am I gonna do with you. I told her that was the hottest thing I've ever seen and she actually made me *** in my pants. She walked over to me and grabbed my crotch and looked and said ,"WOW,  I'm good".   I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and take care of this before I get a wet stain on my crotch.  I went in,  cleaned up, and came out of the bathroom and saw 3 guys and 1 girl grab the table next to us. They didn't know anything as my wife sat waiting for another drink and me to come back. She looked and asked if I was ok,  and I just said, "better than ok. every little step got me crazier, and when you reached out and took the shot,  so did I."  And she gave me an "awww"  and I just said "wow!!" 

     1 of the guys went to rack the balls at the next table,  squatting as I took my shot, I missed on purpose and looked as the waitress came with another drink.  The guy rackijng had the best view I know because when my wife reached over to grab the drink from the waitress her I saw the bottom of both boobs from the side but no nipple.  The guy racking however, got a perfect view as I knew he got the whole show.  I could see it in his face.  He just stayed there taking 1 ball at a time staring up and she took a huge mouthful of her drink,  swallowed, and then took another leaving less than 1/2 of a brand new drink. Both gulps brought her jersey up when she lifted her arm and the guy racking got the attention of his buddies but not the girl. I walked around the table and saw the shot she was gonna take and got in the perfect spot.  I just looked at the table making believe I didn't notice them at all talking about different shots she had. With each possiblity she stepped back then leaned aiming to see if it was good.  The guy on the floor almost fell over because she was right over him when she was looking around the table and I watched him look up as she walked by him.  I'm behind the guy racking next to the window looking towards his buddies across their table.  She now pulls her jersey down to try to be cautious, and then leaned over the table aiming to sink the shot. The still trying to rack is right there about 2 feet from her hanging boobs. I'm just looking ready to shoot another load.  The guys at the table across got a side view sort of opposite of what I was seeing.  I was on the side that she stretches to shoot with.  I swear,  it seemed like it was in slow motion.  She's leaning over trying to get the right aim,  her right arm is going back and forth sliding the stick trying to aim and her jersey is draped down on the table and up near her necklace.  Her boobs were still back and her nipple was hanging there almost touching the felt on the corner. I actually stepped back and shook my head and re-focused. Her left arm was stretched on the table trying to keep her shot straight I didn't care about the guy on the floor,  at this point he was getting the crotch view as well.  I just stared as she slid her right arm back and forth, the shirt around her neck and both boobs just hanging almost touching the table. I mean, when she took the shot, the shirt went flying and she tried so hard that she stood up trying to really hit it. She sunk it and grabbed her shirt and pulled it down just saying , "OOPS".  

  We left soon after,  I just couldn't do that again. PS, For the record, I embellished a little, but trust me, not much. True Story. I still have the ruined jeans to prove it. I use those to paint now.
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