Flashing Tradition

Hi we have been going to a camping event every August for the last 15 years or so. It take about 2 and a half hours to drive there. The first year we went my wife was wearing a yellow sundress and nothing under it. I suggested she give me a bj to "help pass the time". She was lovingly tending to me and her dress had ridden up and exposed her ***. I passed a truck and apparently he got a look and moved to keep pace. I told her she had an admirer and without a word she sat up and puller her dress all the way up and he saw everything. Since then, we have a tradition that she sucks me and flashes truckers on the way to this event.
The drive is very enjoyable now )
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7 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Wow I wish I could see the show

My wife always travels ready and willing to give all the truckers a thrill. We love it, and it really makes the time go by.

Lol where do you travel this trucker is long over due a show

Would love for y'all to pass me

I know u enjoy so do the truckers I'm a trucker and it doesn't happen enough let me tell ya heck I haven't been flashed on the road in over 2 years guess I just have bad luck lol

I agree! Flashing truckers is the only way to travel for us!

Lucky man.

What a great wife. Love how a tradition is born! You should post some photos of this hot woman!