Cousin Enjoyed Watching My Wife In Transy Dress

My cousin is a young chap of early 20s and he came over one day for some discussion which lasted several hours. My wife was roaming around in a hight gown which was transparent to some extent which showed her bra and panty and her body curves.
When he first saw her while we were sitting in living room, his jaw dropped for a while but he quickly composed himself and start taking glances every now and then.
I dont know, if my wife was aware of her partial nudity but she acted normal and roam freely in and about the living room.
The situation was interesting as he was frequently watching her from the corner of his eyes while i was not having direct eye contact with him so that he should nt have fear of being caught watching her.
This went on for several hours during which she served us some food and drinks and everytime she came, her bra covered boobs and some part of areola were visible as she wore a net bra and while going back the panty covered *** was visible from different light angles.
I noticed times when he was lost for words or couldnt concentrate on the discussion and those particular moments gave ma a thrill.
Finally he left and i think this whole experience was great.
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Jan 9, 2013