Wife In Mini Skirt

My wife bought a denim mini skirt with a split up the back. She looks fantastic in the skirt and with a tight t-shirt on and her C cup boobs she gets a lot of men talking to her.

The great part about the skirt is that the bottom of the split sits just below her bum. Whenever she bends over slightly or gets in and out of the car she does expose her undies.

I always make sure she is wearing colourful undies. I have got her to bend over to pick up something from the car. And even sitting at a coffee shop, if she sits up right she exposes a triangle of colour between her legs for men to see.

She knows this and we have talked about always wearing bright coloured undies for this reason.

Another good part is when he climbs stairs of escalators. I know guys are watching from below. She told me last year when she went across on a ferry all passengers had to climb the stairs to the lounge. She told me she looked down a couple of time to see guys mainly the workers staring up a her. She knew they could clearly see her undies. She had a good time with that.
rosszjen rosszjen
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Have her try no panties. We like that a lot!