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Short Shorts

I have always liked to wear shorts as short as possible. Most of the time without any underwear. Most of the time my penis will lay alongside my left leg and the head will peak out. I like to look down and see the entire head of my penis exposed. I try not to expose any more than just the head. I have done this at the beach and have gotten looks and smiles. I have also done it on the street, and no one seems to notice.
davidwc davidwc 61-65, M 7 Responses Mar 30, 2011

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I do it on my couch (yes with others there)

I love the story. Before they fell apart I had a pair of cutoff Levis that weren't as short as you describe, but were frayed in a strategic area of the leg. The head of my penis would just be visible through the frayed area. Had some fun times with those!

i thought i was the only! very hot and my gf thinks so too

I did get my penis sunburnt the first time i went to a nude beach. I was so nervous, that I didn't put any lotion on it. Boy did that hurt for days. Now, when I go, I make sure I put on lots of lotion.

Just imagine me sitting there with the head showing. As you can guess, as I get hard, more and more of it peeks out. Pretty soon, there is not much left to the imagination, just for your viewing pleasure.

You're such a dirty boy David. Does it show more when it gets hard?

when it gets hard, all 8" are on display

<b>me too!</b><br />
i often let my **** head dangle out the leg though the shorts are a little too long for it to show, and then **** as i walk.