Wife Loves To Dance

This happened about 8 years ago, my wife Diana and I had been married for 5 years. We were invited to a freind birthday party, we showed up and they had a band and lots of people we didn't know at this party, we started drinking and Di and I were dancing alot, she loves to dance, this night she had on this sexy dark blue dress that was just below her *** and some 5" heels, the front was very low cut and she struggled to keep her **** from showing her nipples. We were getting perty drunk and having fun. I guess the music was too loud and alot of people had double parked and were blocking traffic. The party after that seemed to slow down and alot of people left.
We found the Birthday boy and he was feeling no pain, his brother and there freind were all smashed too, they asked us if we wanted to go party with them, I said isn't this your party, he laughted and said yes, his girlfreind was putting it on, but his brother and freind had rented a Limo Bus and they were going to take him out on the town. We said sure and we all slipped out the back and made our way to the bus. They had music on the bus and a cooler with beer. I noticed once we got on the bus was Diana was the only woman, there was 12 guys me and her. She didn't even notice and the guys didn't seem to mind, our first stop was the Irish pub, we drank and played darts, then back in the bus, we three more places before one of the guys said lets go to a ***** club? The rest of the guys cheered and I asked Di what she wanted to do? she was perty hammerd too and said sounds fun to me.

We drove across town to this place called the "Tips", funny name? We all made our way to the door, they all paid and Diana got in free! We followed the guys and of course the guy sat a two tables in the front next to the stage. The waitress was not wearing a top her tip were very big and she took everyones order and then came to me and Di and she put her arm around Diana, putting her big *** close to her face and said, your the brave one tonight, one girl and 12 guys? lucky you, the guys all cheered, she said to Diana, what will it be its on the house, she smiled and said I'll take a Fuzzy Nipple, the guys love that, and the waitress said good call.

The music started and the next girl came out and the guys went crazy, she came right up to the edge and spun around on her knees and flipped up her skirt to show us her shaved *****, I was shocked at first, I didn't realise this place was full nude, and didn't know how Diana would react, she took it in stride, (maybe from all the drinks she'ed had) she cheer along with the guys. The guys were throwing bills out like crazy, the girl was loving it, I looked at Diana an noticed her top was open and I could see the edge of her nipples and they were rock hard, she was turned on? Soon the girl had lost all her close by the thrid song and wasted no time in getting to ther edge of the table were our group was, she spread her legs out and slid up to the edge and pushed her ***** into the air facing me and Diana, I glanced back to see Di, like her lips as she took a drink, she looked at me and caught my eye, and said are you as horny as I am? I smiled and said yes, and watching you get turned on is giving me a massive *****, she reached down and grabed my ****. The ******** look down at Di big hard nipples and reached out for her hand, she pause for a second not knowing what to do and then reached up and the ******** pulled her up on the stage, the crowd and all of us started cheering, the striper faced Di toward us and stood behind her and reached around and cupped Di's ****, the ******** fingers reached inside her deep vee top and slowly pulled it wider slowly showing us all her hard nipples, Di to my surpise reached behind her and grabbed ahold of her *** and pulled her close, the crowd was throwing tone of money on the stage and started chanting take it off, The ******** dropped her hands to below Di's dress and slowly started sliding her hands under her dress, you could see she had her hands sliding up under toward her g-string, she got to Di's ***** and from Di's exspression you could tell the ******** was playing with her *****, the ******** slowly started pulling down Di's g-string, Diana steped out the ******** brought it to her nose and licked her g-string then left Di, and moved to the right of the stage and asked who wanted them and a guy stood up in the corner with a 100dollar bill, he moved to the side and the ******** gave hime the panties, he waived them in the air and the crowd went nuts. The ******** moved back to Di and Di nipple were still on display she didn't cover them up, she reached down and flapped Di's dress like a flag giving everyone small glims of her ***** and ***, then the ******** pulled up her dress and at the same moment the light went dark, then in seconds the came on again and the girls were gone.

The crowd went nutts throwing money on the stage, all the guy we were with couldn't beleive Diana would let her do what she did? Diana didn't come out and the announcer came on and said " do you want to see more" and the crowd again went nuts. Then the announcer said you want to see the **** in the blue dress? and the crowd scremed yes. The light went dark again and then came on again, two dancer came out on the floor and pulled off there capes, both had on strap on ******, then another girl came running out and slid to the edge of the floor with a cape on and flung her cape open and it was Diana, she had on a black g-string and a black bra with the nipple cut out and she smile at me and licked her lips, the guy at my table couldn't belive it, I wasn't sure what was going on, she stood up and danced around the floor the other girl moved in on Di and pulled her bra off and ripped her g-string down. The first ******** with a ***** pushed Di on her knees and started pinching her nipples the she forced the 10" ***** in her mouth Diana started sucking on it, at the same time she slid her hand up the girl leg and slid two finger in her *****, the crowd was cheering **** her **** her, soon the other girl came over and both the girls with ***** were on the knees and soon had Di on all fours, the Di never stopped sucking the big *****, and now the other girl was rubbing the big **** up and down her slit, she was moaning and now she was pushing back, wanting the big monster, the ******** started working the big **** in her, she was moaning and pushing back, the ******** now was realy ******* her and the ******** in her mouth pulled out and said who wants to take my place and all these guys were yelling and she pointed to one guy and he walk up on stage and the ******** unbucked his pants and dropped his pants showing a 8" thick ****, he walk over to Di and stood above her, he dropped to his knees and she look at his **** then reached out and started stroking him the looked at me and my freind and licked his head then swallowed his whole ****, he grab her head and started ******* her throat, then the other ******** pulled out and ask who wanted to replace her, again everyone was trying to take her place, the ******** came to our table and pointed to the birthday boy and he got up on the stage and the same happen to him, now he dropped to his knee with his big 9" **** hang out, Diana pulled off the other guy and said **** me, Mike lined up his **** and grabbed her hipps and started realy ******* her.

Soon the first guy couldn't hold on anymore and yelled he was ******* and filled her mouth with a giant load, she swallow but he was still ******* and it was running out onto her ****, she pulled up a little and he blast a huge load on her chin and ****, the crowd went nuts, he pulled his pants up and was replaced by the ******** laying down infront of Diana, the ***** spread her legs and Diana lowered her head and started licking her *****, money was everywhere, the other ******** came on stage and started picking up the money, soon Mike was about to *** and told Diana he was about to blow and both the ******** and Diana got on there knees and Mike jerked off, he first aimed and Di's face and unloaded in her mouth and ****, then finished giving the ******** three loads. All the girls stood up and the and took a bow, the guys went nuts. Diana walk to the edge of the stage and stepped onto our table, all the guys reached out and were playing with her *** and *****, she stepped down on the chair and walked up to me and grabbed my rock hard **** and said did you like that, she had *** dripping from her nipples, I leaned down and sucked the *** from her nipple, her body shook with a small orgasom, I pulled up and kissed her. she said I thought you would, she said I can't wait for the bus home.

One of the ******** brought out her dress and they kissed and thanked each other, Diana whiped the *** from her **** and chin and we walked to the bus, she didn't put the dress back on. We got to the buss and I sat down and she dropped to her knees pulled open my pants and started sucking on my hard ****. Everyone was watching as the buss started moving, Mike walk up behind Diana and again dropped to his knees, he was very drunk and pulled her *** up and slid his **** in to the balls, she moaned and looked back and said this time Mike I want you to fill my *****, Mike was slaming her she was moaning, I notice another guy was standing next to me he had his pant to his knees and had a giant **** hanging half hard, Diana looked up to see this guy monster hanging there as Mike moaned and filled her *****, she pulled off my **** and said whats you name the guy said John , John get down here and **** me, John got behinder and slowly work his monster in her, I couldn't handle it anymore and filled her mouth, she said come on John **** my *****, give my you whole ****, slam those big ball in my ****. She looked around and said looks like were going to have a gang bang, who's next and everyone dropped there pants, I watched her **** all twelve of us and the buss driver and the gas station attendant at least once. she must have swallow a gallon of ***.
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that is one heckuva party. Had any others since then? How has she been with you since then and when she's not drunk?