I like to shower naked.

Some times it's just a quik shower to feel clean, fresh and ready to take on the day.

Other times, like today, my hormones are up the roof. I get in the hot shower with the intent of cooling off... but then as I lather up my hands take their time on my hips, my belly, going up and cuping my breasts...

There's just something about the sound of the water running, the smell of soap and the silkyness of the lather beneith my hands that makes me crave much more than a simple shower...

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Wait a second! Women can take quick showers? :O
Mmmm this story makes me want to use my wife's expensive conditioner again! Its super silky on super hard things! :P

Loll yes we can, but have to be motivated. In my case a shower = 2 cups of coffee :-)

I've threatened to just shut off the hot water after a few minutes... Maybe I should be nice and make her coffee first? :)

Or even better join :-)

I thought we were talking about quick showers! ;)

Oh yes..hmm... sorry... maybe ask her before she gets in the shower if she wanted one...a cup of coffee that is... to have it still hot she must hurry a bit (still talking about the coffee)

Well maybe I ought to offer her a stiff shot of something hard... But I still don't see how that would make showering together any quicker!

I owe you an apology. I was completely out of line.

You are right. A shower for two takes longer. I don't know your wife but usually women like to take their time to please the man they share their life with. Smooth legs, soft sent and nice hair need a fair amount of time to be satisfactory.

I like to let my hair dry naturelly and get waxed every now and then so a fast shower is possible. My SO timed me once from the time of the unexpected date to actually leaving was 28 minutes. Fully dressed, make up on and hair up. I might be an exception though.

What color is your cape? Lol you must be Wonder Woman or have some kind of super powers!

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Sounds delicious...

Feels delicious but would be even better with someone to share this pleasure with. Someone I could lather up as well, looking up in those eyes, seeing the same wants and needs as I have. hmm..

Oh yum
...what a delight that would be :)))))