Washing My Car In Skintight Jeans

Wanted share story of washing my car in skintight jeans i decided my car needed a wash so taught giving it good hose dwn i bought new skinny jeans for occasion that extra tight and my car bk garden no1 could see me as i started washing car knew get so wet end had car shampoo decided get wet slowly totally soak my jeans and lather amazing left on all day then jumped bath 4 another soaking
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Getting wet wearing jeans is part of the fun when washing a car. It is a turn-on!

wow sounds like you had a good time

know washing your car in very tight jeans is sooo fantastic. It's like brilliant cause you know you get so wet very slow and even better if someone is spraying you better still in tight jeans

I think wearing tight wet jeans is a massive turn on... and when I wash the car, it is a slow way of getting totally wet which is another massive turn on

I had a similar experience washing my car as well. I wore tight jeans, along with a thin cotton blouse and had on sandals. Not exactly the right attire for washing a car, but no one else was around. I was enjoying leaning against the car to wet my jeans, and making my blouse stick to my body. When I was done washing and rinsing the car, I went into the back yard and dove in to the pool to fully soak myself.