Late Day Massage, Exposing My Wife To A Stranger

Julia, me and a stranger in the Park

So heres a 100% TRUE story that I saved from a while ago. This is what we did with a local guy, a fellow sunbather in a public park about 7 years ago now. I have shared this experience with a few guys over the years during my chats. I am 100% straight and my wife is as well. A very hot, passionate, latina! enjoy!!

We were laying out getting some sun and this brunette guy about 30 and average-looking kept moving closer.
He started maybe 100ft away then he got up and moved closer to about 40ft away - He re-setup his blanket/bag and laid out in the sun.
He was just pretending to read but i could tell he was checking her out, peeking every chance he could.
Julia had on a bikini and was laying on her front. Some of the pics here she is in the same beach chair and wearing the same bikini.
After a bit, and the guy being a little obvious, lol, I sat up to put suntan lotion on her back, Bain de Soleil...u know the reddish oily kind. I also mentioned to her that we have a spectator!

I asked her if she needed more oil and a little massage and of course she said, oh yeah. So I non-chalantly pulled her clip on her bikini top apart on the back, oiled up her back and shoulders and started massaging her.
She liked the fact that he was there and knew he was watching - i was telling her everything. She was still laying on her
front and loving it and that she was showing off her bubble butt and nude back to this guy. Gorgeous in the later-day golden sunlight.
She actually kept asking me what he was doing as I rubbed. Julia would peek under her arm and look back at the guy to see what he was doing and what he looked like and she'd have a lil smile. Of course I started to do things to warm her up a bit.

Occasionally I would reach around and rub her **** on the side and go all the way up her back from her neck down to her bikini bottoms at the top of her butt. The guy was looking all the time and I was pretending not to - i didnt want to bust him or scare him away!
Then she told me to rub her lower back and butt - so I moved down to her legs to focus on her lower half.
We moved the chair so that we were directly in line with this stranger so I lifted the whole chair up and slid her over a bit with her still laying down
she was totally turned on with her bottoms still on just with what was going on so far.
I knew she was getting a lil excited being the exhibitionist she is AND she LOOOVES having her butt massaged
I had removed her top completely when we moved her chair. So with that gone, she was now topless wearing only her bikini.

So I applied more oil, I rubbed on the top of her *** - all slippery from the lotion, very slick and wet looking in the sun - she loves this especially in the heat.
I easily rubbed underneath her bikini bottom at her butt
At the top part on the base of her back, gradually I pulled her bikini down a little so the top of her *** crack was peeking out
At this point the guy, well, he started to stick his hand in his shorts
Of course she kept asking me what he was doing. she wanted to know his reactions. So she knew now he was turned on too and she kinda turned a bit and looked again underneath her arm
Noone else was there too - so we had privacy at one end of this public park.

She was getting so turned on and started writhing her *** into my hands as i rubbed her
The guy then pulled out his **** and was totally hard. He soon took off his shorts to show
off a gstring that he had on underneath his larger baggy shorts.
This i kinda giggled at - I still didnt want to bust him so i pretended not to see- she was enjoying it though.
When I told her he had pulled out his **** - she peeked at him like that and responded by pushing her *** up in the air even more and arched her back just like a horny cat!

she was driving him nuts and she was doing everything she could to turn him on-
as i rubbed her *** from her feet all the way up to her butt
from one side to the other giving the guy a great view - at this point my hands
were going completely under her bikini bottoms and rubbing her butt all over, from top to bottom.
Going under the fabric and pulling the material up and down from one
cheek to the other without taking my hands out then i pulled the bsuit to the
middle exposing her *** completely. Her butt cheeks were now totally out in sun with her bikini like a thin gstring up the middle.
Of course part of her shaven ***** - the guy could see quick glimpses of i'm sure
i was sliding my hand and fingers underneath and he could see everything!

But funny thing is she didnt want me to take it off. Her ***** was totally soaked and dripping and I
never even fingered her yet! Just spread her very wide! (she's very sensitive to foreign oils and lotions getting into her cleanliness down there) Then she wanted to turn around so I said yes, go ahead.

She also whispered to me that we needed more drinks!
Anyway, so she did quickly flip over and when she did, remember her top was completely gone and she just let it lay there like it didnt matter or she didnt notice. Late in the day sun is perfect on her body and I loved the way she slinked around topless.
After a moment - she did slowly pick up her top and she lay it across her **** as she sat back in her chair
all golden and oily in the sun - amazing! then she reached for the lotion to apply to her front, she said, "ok byebye"
and I was on my way to the liquor store. I told her to continue and have some fun!

So I then left quickly to take a leak and get some drinks-
sounds crazy i know but thats what i did!
so i came back with some cold Doc otis lemon malt drinks - about 10 minutes later
I came back around the other side of the bushes behind the guy and to the side
of my wife so she couldnt see me either.
When I got back she was topless in front of him staring right at him massaging her ****
She had applied oil again to her entire front , all over her stomach, legs and chest and the guy was ************
standing at attention for her. He had even moved in closer again maybe 20ft., perfect view, right in line with her *****!

So anyway she continued to rub her entire upper body. Along her arms, down over her breasts with a mix of sweat and oil all over her stomach. I then noticed she was starting to slide her hand under her bottoms in the front. It was so hot out that day!
She then pulled her waistband down a little bit just exposing the top of her ***** hair. She has a little crop top, all shaven underneath.
Julia is so sexy and passionate - when shes turned on. With it pulled down a bit, I'm sure he could see the golden tanlines at her waist.
She then was making her bikini look like a gstring again.
She traced the line of her bikini along her ***** with one finger while holding the
material with her other hand
she put her hand under and then put both her legs on the edges of her beach chair.
Basically spread as wide as she could keeping her feet on the edges of the metal chair frame.
Now I could tell she had a finger inside her slipping it in and then she took her other hand and pulled the fabric to the side.
Her entire bsuit was now pulled to the side and she held it there. Finally she showed him, fingering herself long fully inside with one finger and then out!

After a few minutes of this she kind of stood up at the front of her chair and guess what?!
she rubbed down the middle of her now gstring like bsuit - while standing, then again,
she pulled the bsuit to the side slowly exposing her neatly shaven and glistening golden *****,
sticking it out - I was totally in shock but lovin it.
Then she just rolled her bottoms all the way down her legs and stepped out of them and now was totally naked!
She then very slowly moved calculatingly and sat down on the lounge chair . Once again she totally spread for him!
what a view this guy had of her shaven *****. I used to do her underneath and around the back with the shaver but now she does it all

At this point, I moved further behind the guy, hidden by bushes and stopped so i could still
see her but the guy had his back to me still
she saw me now and was smiling too!
she then spread her legs again with her hand covering her ***** and then slowly
displayed her ***** again with both legs spread wide on either side of the chair.
she was totally naked and fingering herself in front of this guy about 20 feet away from her!

with one finger on the button! her very swollen ****
pointing directly to him - she then began to do everything to herself
fingered very slowly deeply showing him her finger disappearing - spread her lips wide and showed him her opening, spread wide
she was grabbing her ***** lips and pulling herself apart and flicking her ****
continuously - she even licked her finger and traced her ***** lips for him! She was doing everything that a woman can do to her herself, mixing up speeds of penetrating her ***** w. her fingers.

Someone suddenly was coming, we all heard a noise, so they paused, looked around...I quickly left my hiding spot and walked around.
A minute later i came up behind her and she had put on my white tank top quickly as a coverup and was still fingering herself, as the guy had put his shorts back on and was touching himself still. She acted a bit and pulled down her tanktop to pretend that she may have been caught.
At this point it started to rain and we all ran under a big tree together!

to be continued....!
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2011

very nice story, i hope this is 100% real and not just a fantasy

Totally true story yes. Sorry writing up a fantasy would be a waste of my time.

I agree, I only will take the time for something real

It was, sorry if it was written with so many details. I tried to write soon after it happened to capture it and how it felt etc...we had something else happen a few months ago which I need to write up soon, already forgetting the sequence .

is nicer if she has more chance to go further

Read our other stories. I did continue - c'mon people!

Great story, and well told. Very hot~