Music Keeps Me Alive

Music has this way of, not only calming yourself but also, leaving you with endless beats that let you move your body. Sometimes when we listen to fast music or music that have heavy beats and rhythmic patterns and we happen to know its lyrics, we tend to stand up and just sing and dance to it. It's much more fun when you share it with your friends. It can make you guys noisy and rowdy, but I guess that's the point in it. When your circle of friends share the same interest and taste in music, it's much more fun. Like one time when my friends and I went to this cafe where a band was playing acoustic music, we were the noisiest there because we were all singing along and somehow dancing in our seats with the band.
Music is fun! Love it with all your heart! At least even if you give everything to, you won't get heart-broken. :-)
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1 Response Apr 22, 2007

Go acoustic, lol. I need to learn how to play. :p