I like to put on classic rock at full volume when I do my house cleaning. Nothing beats dusting and vacuuming to some rocking Def Leppard or something similar. Since the stereo is so loud, I can't hear the phone or doorbell or someone knocking and a few times I have had friends walk in on me while I am dancing around like a crazy person. Oops - there goes my face into every shade of red there is. The other day at work, I was opening the cash register before the store opened and something fun came over the satellite radio. So.... There I am counting the money, dancing away, thinking I am alone. Little did I know that someone was there and he snuck up behind me so when I turned around, there he was laughing. He says, "I see you dance when you think you're alone. That's cute!" More embarrassment..... Oh well - that's me and I won't change it!
southerngirl01 southerngirl01
51-55, F
Jan 13, 2013