I Can't Not Do It! Lol

Every single time I take a drive, anywhere... I crank the tunes and sing my heart out!

I don't particularly care if anybody looks at me strange, cause I'm usually bopping around and making crazy motions in the air with my free hand too.

HaHa! At least they can't hear me LOL Good for them, bad for my kids :-) I was jamming to "Killer Queen" just the other evening and my son was just staring at me blankly. I told him "DANCE!" he said simply.. "No."

What's funny though is that I was crankin some AC/DC one day and in the rearview I saw my daughter doing the "Rock on" thing with her fingers and headbanging... LOL My son prefers more current music. He sings along to most any song by Maroon 5. How funny it is to hear a 3 year old belting out "I woooon't go hoooome without YOOOOOUUU!" LOL 

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Mar 13, 2009