I love to sing. I am also not a singer, though I know how to sing right notes and belt it when I want to. For me though, when I sing I have to have passion. I can't/don't sing if I've had a blah day where everything has rated a 5/10 the whole day. I sing when life gets me down. Whether I'm pissed depressed or disappointed singing always seems to help. I love screaming along to linkin park or rise against when I pissed, I really channel my anger and let it loose. When I'm sad I love yellowcard. They have happy songs and sad songs, but either way I love singing along and it always cheers me up.
I used to sing alot more. When I was with my girlfriend we would always sing together. I have never sung better or more passionatly then with her. Not only would we sing as friends, but i'd also sing of my love to her. Those were happy days.
fatslyguy fatslyguy
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2010