Stand By Me


This was done with the onboard built in microphone on my laptop, the recorder program that came with the laptop and mixed with a copy of FL Studio. The drums were added through FL Studio as well.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it! :-)

*******EDIT Feb 07********
I couldn't leave well enough along and fixed a few things that were bugging me about the original. Enjoy :-)
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Aaaahhh...!!! This is so freakin' awesome, Ford!!! It was fun, huh? We play around with Garage Band and it can be sooo hilarious at times. But you did well... *applauds Ford*

Thank you, my sweet Faerie friend! Yeah, this was a lot of fun...thinking about doing another one in the nearish future . I've heard good things about Garage Band you create some awesome jams yourself ;-)

Jack white is always awesome in everything !

Really enjoyed this,thank you for sharing.

My pleasure! Glad you liked it :-)

I'm sitting here snapping my fingers, bopping my head and smiling bigtime :D Ford, that was absolutely amazing, groovy as groovy can be!! Well done!!

Thank you very much, Michelle!!! I'm glad you liked it!!! :-)))

Nicely done. I was afraid you might sound like me and nobody would want to hear that.

LOL, Thank you!

I love it! :-)

Thanks hun! I know it's not the one you want me to do...I haven't forgotten ;-)

I love to hear your dark voice ya know. The background vocals gave me shivers down my spine!

Awww, Thank you , sweetie! I really had a lot of fun making this one :-)

It will be once I find a horn section and an awesome bass player.

Awesome! What sound are you going for?

I wish Jack white was my guitarist and bought the rest of the band.I could do some back up ! I love the big cool sound he has going.

Oooo...just listened to his Freedom At 21 vid...awesome sound!!!

This is so cool.! Wanta join Cat Toys and Pill Bottles ?

Thanks, babe! Trying to recall...that's the name of your band, right?

Is that u singing

Thats me....all 4 voices :-)

Very impressed well done

Thank you!!! :-)

I think I told u while back u could only serenade me if u had a good voice, well u can serenade all u want now, LOL. ;)

Awwww :-))) *blushes* I'd be happy to serenade you, m'dear ;-)

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