To Pee Like A Woman

Hi all
I just got back from a long road trip and all along the way I had to go to gas stations and go into the women's rest room to go pee (Since I go dressed as a woman 24/7 ) I know I drink too much coffee and cola's (There diuretics ) makes you go pee . I am much comfortable being dressed as a woman , but at some places I go to the bathroom I don't always feel safe ? I get this feeling of being found out somehow,but I try and keep calm . I'm passable dressed as and being the woman I want to be and wish I could be to take hormones or have breast implants ( Saline ) Size 48 DD's or bigger ^_^ . I like clean rest rooms (Doesn't every woman? ) ,but when it's an emergency and you got to go ,you pull to the nearest gas station ( Unisex or Single stall in woman's rest rooms )and hope there clean , but that's not always the case and relieve your pain (peeing )and hope you don't have an accident (peeing in your panty's ) I've come very close to that at times,and when you relieve your self it's like almost having an ****** * Blushes*
anyway You know that the pressure is off .
Xenamare Xenamare
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5 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Gas stations are gross just like most public rest rooms. Sitting on toilet...crabs, blood, urine, and **** all over.

Aren't you afraid some gangster girls might be offended, rip your hair off, and kick your butt just like the ts girl in that resturant video?

I have sit to pee for years. But, never used the ladies room.

Good for you dear ... it makes sense to use the ladies room since you are going out and about dressed as a woman every day. Now if you used the mens room ... that would raise some eyebrows! ;-)

i thought this was about pee,not breast size,and that has little to do with then, sit down and whizz