I Sit To Pee

When enfemme it's better to use the ladies room and what choice is there? Usually in guy mode I'm underdressed so it is easier to sit to pee. 
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Yes, me too, but it all depends, sometimes yes, sometimes no, public rest rooms are usually so nasty you hate to have to sit or stand. I know.....I know......TMI

I've found that I like to sit when at home. I can imagine getting a urethral relocation would make sitting more comfortable and less messy.

I sit to pee and have for years.

I always choose to sit to pee when it was a choice. Now, thanks to a urethra relocation, it is no longer a choice, I have to sit because I pee from between my legs like a girl.

I always sit to pee. My thing is so small I can't hold it out far enough to keep from wetting my self. (About 4 inches hard, maybe 1.5 soft)