No Longer A Choice

Ever since I got out of diapers 95% of the time I choose to sit to pee. It just seemed natural, where standing didn't.
So when I got married my wife was pleased, the toilet seat was never up. But I wished I could pee from between my legs and my wife knew this. So she did a little research and found it was possible, that a little operation called a urethral relocation could be done making a new meatus (pee hole) between my legs. I got really excited when she told me about this and 6 months later I had it done. Now I pee from between my legs and it is no longer a choice ... I have to.
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Like you...I always sit to pee and have done so since my 20's. The problem is that when out I'm still forced to use the men's bathroom and I'm sure you know how problematic that can be. Some places are just so I hold it until home.
I wish there was a law or something! Even then...little boys and men would play target practice and still get it on the seat!

Your point is well taken and I agree ... this is something my wife and I have talked about along with our women friends and the conclusion is that women\'s bathrooms aren\'t much if any better. Disgusting ...

i am so jeouse wouldd love to have a wife like you and second woud love the surgery

Thanks dear and yes I am lucky to have a wife like mine, But then she feels she is the lucky one to have me to share the feminine with.

thanks or responding s quickly and thnk you for friending me love penny

You are most welcome Penny dear.

I will have this resolved when I do the MTF operation. It will be a while because I am getting the money together for hormone treatments...but your - and the stories like it offer encouragement and support

Thanks Muriele and I am glad that I along with other here have been able to give you some encouragement and support. As for your MTF operation, that certainly will resolve the issue, but for others, like me, a urethral relocation at least makes it so we have that female aspect of a short urethra and peeing from between our legs.

If I weren't going to go through the MTF transformation, I would have the urethral relocation surgery as you did. I just don't like going under the knife any more than necessary....I sit when I pee now; it helps with my overall view of being feminine. I am doing all the things to help my mindset and frame of reference in the transformation...again many thanks for your input

I sit by choice (at home)...just seems natural...and cleaner

Exactly ... but even before that little operation was done 99.9% of the time I chose to sit to pee where ever I was, not just a home ... and if I was out in the bush I would squat. It has always just seemed more natural and besides at home my wife and I never have argued over leaving the toilet seat up.

TG, Thanks for providing the detail on this very interesting procedure. I get what your talking about now. It would definitely Improve the comfort level of sitting to pee for people like us. I'm not sure that it's for me, Because there is really no use for my penis any longer, Dee and I have actually talked about the possibility of me having an Orcy and and penial inversion. The only issue with that is that it would imply that I was going to live full time as a female, (though not really necessary) The hormones I would have to do would probably push us both into a place we aren't comfortable with yet.

You're welcome dear. A urethral relocation isn't something for everyone like us, but for some it is a wonderful option. For me my only regret is that I didn't have it done sooner, but I didn't know about it. But I am glad I had it done, which took a total of about an hour, and I love the results ... so does my wife.

If I can ask (oh yeah you said I could :P) did the sensation change, I'm assuming it had to, but did it feel wrong, like you'd sprung a leak? And what does your wife love about it. Is it just the fact that you Must sit to pee?

Good questions ...
As for the sensation changing, yes and no. Since I no longer use that portion of urethra through the penis there is no sensation there. But when I now pee it feels right, though that might be more to do with the woosh sound, like any female, if that makes sense.
What my wife loves about it is that when we play I am the one who has to get up and wipe between my legs afterwards or deal with damp sheets. ;-)

Smile both answers make perfect sense! Love your wife's rational. So then I'm guessing that your penis works for that one pleasurable experience, and this is why you have kept it, other then the cost of having it flayed and then inverted.

Good ... I am glad I answered your questions. And you are right, my penis is now solely my wife's play toy and she loves that little difference between us. She refers to it as my "super sized ****."

That is so awesome!

your very fortunate to have a wife that loves you for who you are! my best to both of you.

I agree with Mrs. Joanie!

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One more question. Where does it come out when you ***?

Between my legs, Sarah.

I'd read about this years ago and I really liked the idea. Did you actually find a doctor to do it? I've been sitting to pee for about three years (when I'm not in diapers) because I had a "Prince Albert" piercing.

That I did, Sarah. It took me and my wife a while looking to find someone we felt was well qualified and we found a surgical nurse who could and would do this relatively simple procedure. But afbout that same time we found a urologist and she was the one who did my urethral relocation. And yes I have a PA too.

hi tg...i have always sat to pee....did insurance cover that one? even it doesn't get covered, i want

Hi back Northen Girl -
I looked into my insurance covering the proceedure but unfortunately it didn't. Of course that doesn't mean your insurance might.

I love the sound of this. The idea attracts me no end, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to go through with it, even supposing I could find someone here to do it. Let me ask, if I may - what happens to your now partially-redundant male pee "equipment": do you retain it for the remaining half of its functionality?

Exactly ... my wife refers to it now as my "super sized ****!" I'm a bit of a woose when it comes to knives and cutting, but I did it I'm sure you are brave enough to have it done too. Mine was done in a doctors office, but any clean environment would be fine, and it took a total of about an hour. It was done on a Friday morning, I was a little sore over the weekend but I went back to work on Monday ... just a bit careful in sitting down for about a week and after that it was fine.