Caged And Sitting

A little bit over a year ago I had a long distance girlfriend. I was living in DC and she was north of Philly. We met when she started watching me play on webcam. Then we started IMing, then talking on the phone. She was only about 3 hours from me, so I started hanging at her place for 3 and 4 day weekend.

One day I was heading back to DC and she said that she wanted me to refrain from jacking off until I came back to her, in about 3 days. I said "Sure, no problem" but she's watched me on cam and knows how often I jack off.

She said she had an idea and pulled out a plastic cage for my ****. I was able to be talked into it (I didn't think it would be for that long), and wore it back to DC. The first few times she uncaged me when I went back to Philly, but those are stories for a different time.

I suspected that being caged up would be a bit difficult. But the biggest surprise was that I had to sit down to pee all the time! If I was in the shower, maybe I could go standing up, but the **** would hit the slit in the cage and go everywhere.

This was especially awkward when I was visiting a client's office. After lunch we all went to take a leak, and I headed to a urinal before I remembered that I needed to use the stall. I got some odd sideways glances about that move.

After a while it became more natural to head to stalls, and to leave the seat down. But initially it was quite the surprise. I knew when I agreed to be caged up that I was turning over part of my life to her, but I didn't realize it was this part also.
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I'm currently self-locked but would love a situation like yours.

Good for your girlfriend ... when the two of you are staying together at least there is no argument on who left the toilet seat up! LOL