Let It Run

When I'm in the mood to play witch is when ever I'm awake. I always clean out my honey hole. (I'll tell you why I call it that latter). I love to feel the water fill me up. I put a hose on the sink just for this pleasure. First I get the opening clean. Then it's time to fill me up. Taking as much as I can. I love to watch me pee like a women. The feeling of being full makes me hard and then my hole wants to be played with. I don't let the water out before shoving my ***** in. Pushing it deep and then stroking it makes the water adjetate. By the time I'm done I feel better than if I got a masassge. Feels so good.Then it's time to make up a honey dush to flaver my hole. I love to be eatened out. Butt that's another story.
Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
Jan 22, 2013