About twice a month,and sometimes more in the summer we have a family nite! We make snacks that me and mom and dad like,sometimes all three..We turn off all the lights and every computer and phone,and anything that can make a noise,and we watch movies.we all get turns to pick movies,and we never complane wat somebody picks... The whole best part for me is we all snuggle on the couch,sometimes we hold hands or we put our arms around..I just love sitting and cuddling with mom and dad,and I hope we do it forever;)
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

we do that too. usually we have pizza - yum - n movie night. yur right its great to sit on the couch with mom, dad, n travis. last saturday we watched return of the jedi cos it was star wars weekend. ya, may the 4th be with u. lol.
mom also like to have game nite every week or two as well. but its not video games. :( but still fun! every month more or less mom or dad will buy us a new game to try. we got this cool that travis likes called castle panic. its fun cos we're all like on the same team tryin to keep the orcs, goblins, and other nasties outa the castle. dont they got a spray for that??? hahaha.

lotsa pranks is fun. good for mom on keeping everybody outa troub. i luv pranks but i try to be careful cos somtimes pranks go waay wrong and then turn into spanks. :o :'(
sounds like fun at yur place in the summer. can i come too??? :D

awesome. i'm there. :D

its a good story. my family dos the same but we dont turn stuff off.

i neerly forgot to reply on ur story. i think its awsome kaydee haha .

I like ur story. Its good to know some families still spend time together.