Skiing Makes Sense to Me!

This weekend I was skiing in Telluride, Colorado with my husband and daughter who is 7 years old.  I moved to Colorado to ski for one season and work at a resort.  15 years later - I'm still here, and still skiing.  On Saturday, as the sun was shining on Revelation Bowl in Telluride - it occured to me that skiing is the only thing that makes complete sense to me.  Whenever I am skiing - the joy is so pure and healthy - that I never feel like I should be doing anything else.  I never, ever, regret a day spent skiing in my life.  I took my daughter skiing when she was 2 years old - and now she's a little pro.  When the three of us are skiing as a family, outside in the beautiful mountains getting all of that fresh air and exercise...I know that we are doing the right thing.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Wow, what a motto, "Skiing is the only thing that makes sense to me", gee why didn't I think of that !<br />
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This year, has been special to me (skiing wise) I got the chance to ski in Canada & I will be taking my youngst son, down to Thredbo for him to start learning.<br />
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I only wish that my wife, would / could realise the pure enjoyment of the snow country, it would be great to ski, with one's partner.

You are absolutely right. The days spent skiing are the happiest of my life. I learned to ski in the Carpatian mountains, with rather primitive equipment, in 1967-76. Then, I had no more opportunity to ski until 2004. It was rather weird to slide down again. But skiing is like riding a bike - once you learned it, you can't foget it.<br />
Like yourself, I took my child with me, in 2004. .Only that he was 24. By now, he is skiing better than I do. But I'm also skiing better than ever, because the equipment has improved so much.