Skinny Dipping In A Hot Tub

I just wrote about skinny dipping at a "regular" pool party held by one of the members of out BDSM club. There weren't really any BDSM activities at that party but another time with the same club there were BDSM activities.

It was one the the BDSM parties an the home of the man who had set up the group. I am not sure if it was before or after my late wife and I had switched to her Dom and me sub or the other was. I think it was me Dom because I sort of remember clothes at some time during the evening. It doesn't matter.

My wife had some clothes on, but I was gonna be naked whether or not it was required of me. It was a nice size hot tub. My wife and I were at one end and two other guys were at the other. One of them was very insistent about going down on my wife and she was just as insistent about him not. So finally, to show him how committed we were she had me stand up, with my **** fully out of the water and gave me a blow job. I though (and still think) it is so cool to get a blow  job in front of others. Anyhow, when I came my ***** was still in her mouth and she swallowed all my ***. It was so good I almost fell back under the water before she licked all the *** off my ****. But finally I could sit back down.

Then for her reward, it just happened, some guy came up to the outside of the tub and started talking to her. He was giving her a line about not being able to get an erection. My wife said she could give him one. She then proceeded to take his **** out of his pants and start to stroke it. I had my eyes glued to this scene. Eventually it did start to get hard. "Ha, you lied", she said, and put his **** back in his pants, zipped him up and patted his erection, good-bye. 

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:) Nice.