Need To Find Somewhere To Do It Again

I used to dog sit for a family that I knew when I was younger. It was great... A week at a time, full use of the house, including the hot tub, and in ground pool, all I had to do was feed and let the dogs out.

during the day, the neighbors from the back and one side could see in to the back yard, but at night if the lights were off, all bets were off. On many an occasion, both during the day and night, I would go swimming out back either alone or with a group of friends, and would almost always end up skinny dipping. During the daytime, I would be a little more cautious and wear a swimsuit into the pool and then take it off in the water, as I didn't want to blow any future opportunities to dog sit by offending a neighbor, but at night time, I would simply take my clothes off in the house and walk out the back door holding my towel. I think it was this that truly started my love of being nude.

I so enjoyed swimming nude, but moved away from that area and lost contact with that family.

If anyone knows of any places that you can skinny dip in the Philly area, please let me know.
daringtrucker daringtrucker
31-35, M
Jul 19, 2010