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Bare Body Surfing

Went to the lake Friday afternoon and the waves were pretty good for body surfing.  Laid out in the sun for a while in a thong then decided to go for a swim their where not many people on the beach so I went skinny dipping and bare body surfing, I had a great time. The funny part of the was on my walk out about a 20 min walk down the beach and threw the woods I was wearing a thong. 1st walked past a boat with a nude sunbathing couple, 2nd walked past a guy with his shorts part off (I think he had been nude suntanning) then past a swimmer, then when I got in the woods I pasted a 20 some year old guy that would not look at me, when he past me he was looking down and at the other side of the trail.  
deleted deleted 26-30 Jul 25, 2010

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