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Skinny Dipped In A Hotel Pool

A  few years ago I was staying at a hotel while on the road for work. The pool was open till about 10:30 or 11in the evening. I decided to go for a swim and had about an hour before the pool closed. It was a small pool and it also had a hot tub or jacuzzi. I started in the pool and was just swimming around. I noticed that I was completely alone in the pool area. It was in its own room and was therefore private with no rooms looking out on it. as I was swimming some laps, and having been on the road for nearly a week, I was rather horny. The water flowing over me was making me even more horny. I checked the room and I couldn't see any video security cameraas, so untied my truncks and lept swimming. I should also mention that I don'tlike the liner that is put in swimming trunks and usually cut them out. as I swam and pushed off from each end of the pool, my trunks kept getting pulled lower and lower on my hips. Finally, the trucks slipped right off my hips and I took them off. I loved how the water felt as i was smimming. How the movement of water glided over my **** and balls. I was really getting horny now and was getting quite swelled as well. I kept an eye out if the door to the pool would open, but would likely not have time to cover up if it did. After a while, I had had enough swimming and got up and went into the hot tub after turning on the jets. There were a couple really strong jets and it sure felt good against my back. I was slowly stroking my **** as I relaxed, then turned and knelt in front of the jet and let it blow over my ****. I could adjust how intense the flow was by moving my hips closer or furthe raway. Man that felt so good it didn't take long and the familiar feeling started and I could feel my *** starting to spurt. I stood up and came in a towell. after cleaning up a bit more I relaxed some more in the hot tub before showering off, putting on my trunks again so i could go back to my room. I just wish there had been a woman to have played naked with while I was there, but it still was fun and exciting. Especially the risk of getting cuaght.
Ethansask Ethansask 46-50, M 5 Responses Sep 3, 2010

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That sounds fun! I love skinny dipping...and the feeling of jets in a jacuzzi on my sensitive clitty..;))

It was fun SexyClementine. Wish I had a hot woman like yourself to play with in the pool and the jacuzzi. Would be a lot of fun:)

Love getting in motel/hotel pools naked. It's always adds the extra excitement to know you can be caught. Years ago I had to travel a lot for work and managed to skinny dip in untold numbers of pools - sometimes with others joining in! others came into the pool and found u skinnydipping and then joined in? Nice...although I would be worried about getting a very adverse reaction if someone found me skinnydipping.

The jets of a hot will do that to you.

luv2bnude...yes it does increase the excitement level. Have always wished a woman would get in the hot tub with me and suddenly I feel her hand on my thigh...

luv2bnude...yes it does increase the excitement level. Have always wished a woman would get in the hot tub with me and suddenly I feel her hand on my thigh...