The Atlantic Ocean...

My favorite skinning dipping story .... I was on vacation with a group of friends I think there was 8 of us all together. We had been out partying at the bars all night and when they closed we walked back to our condo on the beach. One of my married guy friends dared me to take my clothes off in front of them and go swimming in the ocean, so I started to undress when two of my other girlfriends began undressing with me, we all ran to the ocean with the the rest of my friends watching, we swam naked together for about a half an hour and when we came back no one brought our clothes or towels so we walked back to the condo naked and dripping and laughing.... it was beautiful.
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great fun, liberating

Love to skinnydip! The ocean esspecially, but then I'd rather be nude anyway ;-)

being from the east coast of Canada I can attest to two things, one is that it is an exhillerating feeling and two that it is cold. lol. great story and time

awww. such a charmer diggler...xoxo

Some of us are lucky enough to see the ocean.The ocean is the one who was lucky that day my friend.

oh.. very sexy david... you should maybe push it further... see if they would be willing..

Head to Oz, searching! I head to the beach often each summer to get some all over sun and skinny dip in the surf! A little more difficult to get the time now I have my son but I still make it work. I have a couple of friends who also enjoy the same (ladies) and we always have a very erotic, sexually charged afternoon but we have never followed through. Just lots of looking and rubbing suncream on each other! Such a tease! Then we go and play in the surf!! Love it. Dx

It would feel even better if we did that together, my Soulful and Soleful friend! Maybe it'll never happen, but it's a great thought!

It really does...kisses

It was thanks!!

It's really the only way to swim in the ocean! Sounds like fun with all of your friends, too.

Thank you winston...xoxo

What a wonderful story. Wish more friends did that to eachother.

I was in Ocean City, Maryland

It was fun wasn't it. I love to skinny dip in the ocean.

Most every summer my family meets somewhere at the beach, from all around the country, for a week of beach house fun. The last evening we get one last ocean swim in - it's always after dark for the last swim - and then we (I usually start it off) slip out of our suits, for skinny dipping together. As we are all related, there's not much "showing off," but the feel and excitement is so wild!

Can't beet skinny dipping on a summers night but late summer is the best time

Wow, that sounds great! Skinny dipping is definitely something I'd like to do a lot more of, especially with someone special. I already told you my feelings about water and besides that, when a woman and I are comfortable with each other, I enjoy us being nude together, and not just in water; around the house, too.

Agree with Nudy. Sounds like fun, especially walking back nude.