My Story With Pics

I'm a profound nudist and have most experiences with other girls ((I'm not les, I just think skinny dipping with guys is wierd)) Anyway this is my story
I was invinting friends over to my lakehouse and we got bored so we descided to skinny dip, we all ******** and dumped our clothes at the shore. we  waded in and everyone smiled as we swam deeper. Me and my friend decided to swim farther out untill it got too cold and we turned back. Me and my friend were getting bored again, so decided to run to the next lakeouse (Which was owned by a cute boy). We swam over and waved to him. He smiled and then noticed we were naked, so he smiled walking to us from his dock.  "hey logan!" I said softly. He looked down and smiled. "So, you lovely laties out for a swim, how bout you dry off in my house and take a shower?" We agreed and climbed out, heading to his cabin, but he stopped me, "Wait, what are you doing naked with these girls?" i smiled, "What are you not being naked for?" He smiled and ********, "Well where's the shower?" I walked to the shower and started the shower with the door open. Logan walked over and took a picture. "GET IN HERE!"I yelled as he obeyed. I smiled softly and stepped out without getting a towel. "Logan, can you get our clothes at my house?" He ran over and got them and we set them down. "Gee, am I tired." A girl joked as she layed down on the couch, naked. "How bout we take a nap?" He abliged and gave each of us a couch or bed, then we heard a horn. "DAMNIT, it's my mom!" It was too late, she was openeing the only door and we ran to the shower to hide, when she went to her room, us girls ran leaving our clothes, we barely made it out, when we looked back his mom wasn't there, it was his perv friend with the camera! ((These are pics they took of me and the girls))
This is the pic they took of all of us running to our towels through the neighboor's pool, dirty basterds.

This is the one that caught me in the shower

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fantastic looking ****

It sounds like a good time, to bad his friend recked it for you guys, although at least you got to see the photos, and nudydude is right, the bottum one is very popular on the web, I have seen it before to

It looks like you are having a blast sweety! :)

Damn,, great story and pics, Thanks for sharing!

Very nice story. thanks for sharing your kinky fun

Fun. Those are some nice pics. You and your friend have some really nice all-over tans.

Nice going :)

My my....very lovely pics :)

sexy pics you have there nice