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Nude In Front Of Her Family.

That’s what happened last weekend.
It all started on Saturday. My inlaws spend their summer in their cottage near where we live. She called us to tell us my father in law was going out with a group of friends to invite us to spend the weekend with her, since she didn’t want to be alone.
We arrived on Saturday morning and it was hot, so we didn’t take much time to plunge in the pool. My wife always wear conservative bikinis when we go to her parent’s house, cause they are pretty conservatives, or that’s what she thinks, but this time, given that no one else than her mother was there,  she decided to wear a thong bikini to avoid tan-lines. When MIL saw her she made a comment to tell she never had seen her wearing it, and wife said she had brought it since her daddy wasn’t there and her mother surprised us telling not to bother cause she was sure daddy would be comfortable seeing her like that.
After dinner my SIL announce us her visit cause she wanted to see our kids. We spent a great time and once the kids were in bed, my wife her sister and I went out to have a drink while MIL was inside watching TV . It was hot so I suggested a night dip, but girls were lazy about it. I got into the pool, and my wife dared me to skinny dip, like I usually do when we are alone. I like to exhibit my body , and it seemed it could be a good chance to have some fun. I took off my swim trunks and put them in the pool ledge. I started to swim, and when I went to retrieve my swimsuit it wasn’t’ there. I saw my wife with it in her hand telling me “Looking for this?” She was daring me to get out of the pool fully naked in presence of her sister, and I took the dare.
I went up the steps of the pool giving them a good view of my rear. I didn’t want to appear too bold so I covered my front to approach where they were. “Oh no, Why are you hiding it? Have you turned into a prude?” I heard my wife. I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my arms showing them my stiff ****.
That’s when I heard my Mother in law’s voice coming from behind telling me. “Next time you’re going to give a show, please tell me. I wouldn’t like to miss it”. I blushed immediately while my wife and her sister bursted out laughing. Then, covered my front and got into the house without saying a word.  When I passed by my mother in law, she gave me a smack on my naked butt while saying “Nice bum”.
I was embarrassed but at the same time, very excited. When wife returned to our bedroom we ****** like rabbits, and I can tell you she was as horny as I was.
But he fun didn’t stop with that. Next morning, I got into the pool with my kids while my wife and her sister were sunbathing, my wife in her thong bikini and her sister in a string bikini. While swimming I took a look to them to find my wife sunbathing without her top, for the very first time in front of her family. Yes it’s was only her mom and sister, and she wouldn’t have done that in her dad or brother’s presence, but it was a great step.
I hoped my SIL would imitate her, but she didn’t. She’s a very good looking girl and nothing would like me more than watching her in the nude. But unfortunately she didn’t take off her top. But anyway I was rewarded. When I got out of the pool she was lying face down and, to avoid tanlines I supposed, she had adjusted the fabric of her bikini between her butt cheeks like she was wearing a thong, and I could see her wonderful buttocks. I couldn’t take to make a comment, so I told her “Nice bum, too”. She looked at me and answered “Thanks, that’s very kind of you”
We had a great fun, and now I feel we are a more open about nudity.
JCSP22 JCSP22 41-45, M 1 Response Jul 4, 2011

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