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It's So Natural

Swimming naked is just the most natural thing in the world. Why would anyone want to go swimming in clothes that you have to dry off afterwards? If "modesty" is an issue, your body is largely obscured from sight when you get in the water.

When I was sixteen, I was fooling around with friends at someone's house. For reasons that now escape me, my friends had determined to throw me and another girl in the swimming pool. We had the "option" of going in fully clothed, or stripping down to our underwear. As we were both wearing school uniform, the former was not a wise choice, so we both started to undress. However, whereas the other girl stopped at her bra and knickers, I was not keen on the idea of having wet underwear for the rest of the day and so I took everything off! This caused a bit of a stir among the others who were now no longer so keen to lay hands on me, so I jumped in the pool of my own accord and spent a lovely ten minutes splashing about in my birthday suit. When I got out, nobody offered me a towel, so I just wandered around in the nude until I was dry enough to put my clothes back on. Because I didn't make a big fuss about it, or try to cover myself up (which would have been rather futile), nobody seemed to consider it too big a deal and I didn't get any mean commnents directed at me. Conversely, the other girl's underwear went completely see through when she got out of the water and very little was left to the imagination. So her attempts to preserve her "modesty" were in vain and she had the additional invonvenience of having to deal with wet knickers!
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Do you know how many stories I had to move and dust off to get down to this one? Actually it wasn't that hard.

I really love love love being naked in water and not just the bathtub. Ever since I was in diapers I was getting out of my diaper. Everyone thought it was uber cute then when I would pull it off and run around the house naked. I never really lost that desire and unless I am fighting my mortal enemy, the cold, I opt for as little clothing as possible. I mean I have some modesty when going out in public and its not so much because I feel the need to hide my body as I do the need to not be trolled by everyone on the street. I would way rather wear nothing than very provacative clothing. Nudity is natural for me but advertising is not.

If society could be less inhibited and not so uptight about the human body I would definitely be out there nude. For now I practice my freedoms more or less at home, at the cottage and swimming in the thing ever...or having anked days at my friends house and pool. Drat you coming winter! I will be free again!

Yes, the advertising is definitely not welcome for me either. Where I lived in France it is acceptable for women to go topless in public and even to swim naked on a non-designated beach if it is done discreetly enough. For me, the woman who wears a bikini thong to attract attention is more immodest than the one who undresses for her own convenience and pleasure.

Of course you will be free again! But in the meantime . . . muddy autumnal walks which necessitate a bath :-) Don't get dressed afterwards - stoke up the fire (or turn up the central heating) and snuggle up on the floor under your softest, cosiest blanket. Who knows, someone else may want to snuggle up with you ;-)

Sold! You bet I'm going to do that :-)

Don't forget the hot chocolate and toasted crumpets - they warm the heart in the way clothes never will :-)

Yes ma'am!

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In general if naked with others around - it's best to be confident. And as for wet knickers -I can guess when you are most likely to find them enjoyable!

It's funny how they were so adamant about throwing you in until you got naked. I guess they clearly have some very big insecurities when it comes to being naked. Oh well. Sucks to be them.

Wet undies tend to go rather see-through, clingy, and then are still wet, meaning they have to dry or they wet your other clothes, too. I found that out too late as a boy during an outing with friends & their dad.
They had a nice lake and it being warm enough weather, we boys wanted to swim, so their dad let us, as the spot was rather secluded. We all ******** to our underbriefs, not thinking about that they would be wet, later. It also seemed that I, being overly modest, was too self-conscious about even being in my undies as I walked to the water's edge. It seemed strange, but nice, swimming in underbriefs, but they did seem odd, too.

We had a great swim and no big embarrassments or anything, then at some point went back over to our clothes to dress. I was about to put my jeans on over my wet briefs when my friends' dad told me otherwise, that he wasn't going to have us getting sick on him over wearing wet shorts home. I understood that, as back then that was the line of thinking, that wet clothes could get you sick except on the warmest of days, and that evening it was getting a little cooler probably. I'm ashamed to say that I turned away from them, including my friends' dad, as I ******** off naked and dressed, leaving my wet underwear aside. It was not because of distrusting the man -- he was like a 2nd father to me! In fact, that's why I feel ashamed even to this day about it. He was so good to me, and I was so scared of being seen naked that I probably acted very offensively, as if I didn't trust him - like as if he were a pervert of something. I so wish I had simply let him see me naked -- front, back, everything, like the trust he deserved. He didn't abuse his kids & he wasn't going to abuse me either, ever. Some people maybe can't be trusted, but I did him wrong and regret it. So what if he had seen my naked thing? He had several sons he'd seen naked countless times already, lol.

I wish I could skinny dip! I would love to do so.

Great example of turning the tables on people; it's only an issue if the "victim" acts that it's an issue. When you took control they lost their power. Nice one :)

swimming naked does feel better, ive been to a couple of deserted beached and even a river this summer, its a great feeling being completely naked in water

I completely agree I hate wearing wet clothes!!

I love that you considered your actions so carefully, even at 16.

A nice story, and very well-written!

Sounds like they were not willing to go all the way with their dare I mean it is not like they have never seen a nude woman before I hope, but what happened to the girls who threw you in?<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

Wise, and more pleasant, decision.

I agree. Much better swimming naked that in your underwear.