During Highschool...

Well i live in alabama and growing up on my parent land in the woods with no neighbors i got to do pretty much what ever. both my parents worked and was still at work by the time i got home from school. well we had this big underground pool and it would be so hot so i would always swim when i got home to relax and cool off. and my kinky side kicked in and i decided to get naked and swim. it was amazing. i felt so free. i confessed to me best friend the next day about skinny dipping and they got mad bc i didnt invite her :O. lol so about 3 times a week we would skinny dip for about an hour after school. :D. i miss that. she was a sight hehe. not so much me though :P
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Skinny dipping is the best. I grew up in a clothing opp home, nudity was never a issue around our house.

Skinny dipping with my parents and sister was common.

Fun - skinnydipping is the best!

"well we had this big underground pool..." :-o Do your parents take in house guests from Europe? :D

;) idk bout parents but i live alone now. :P more than welcome to come.

wish i was swimming with you

wish i was swimming with you

I grew up in a clothing op home so skinny dipping was quite normal as we had a pool. My sister had a couple of school friends that would come over and swim and lay in the sun as well, suits were rarely worn.

Did you ever get caught by your parents? So much of the fun of skinny dipping is the thrill of getting busted.

It is very liberating having a friend you can be comfortable with, with no clothes on. I have a lot of body issues too, but having someone you know who really cares about you for you can make life very sweet.

This a really hot story Gabby. I myself have only thought about skinny dipping yet never tried it. :P Maybe I should

Sounds Great ! I love to skinny dip !!

That sounds very nice, and I'm sure you were and are a lovely sight.