The Thrill

There is a thrill about dippin skinny.

When you approach the water, you undoubtedly are going to be checking around you to see if there is anyone who can see you. As I walk up to the pool, sometimes I'll go out naked, just with a towel around me. Sometimes I'll drop my bathing suit poolside. Other times maybe I'll have it on me loose, so when I dive in off the board the suit just "happens" to come off.

There is something incredibly sensual about swimming skinny. I feel more of the water. As I dive in, I feel the rush of the water between my legs in ways that cannot be reproduced anywhere else. When you get out of the water, the way the water feels as you slowly rise out of it. Against my back. Against my butt. Against my **** between my legs. I feel more natural, I feel more in touch with whats goes around me. I feel free. Free for others to see, to watch. Free in the water without any "third party" getting in the way.

I love the way I float. Not necessarily the whole me, but the weightlessness of my genitalia as it was to be free. There is something about the final time you get out of the water to dry off. The air cool against your body... all of it, giving your tingles and goose bumps. The sense of feeling clean and vulnerable, happy and confident.

I like to skinny dip. In the dark, sure! In the daytime, why not!

What do you do when your skinny dipping...
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3 Responses Jan 30, 2012

Great post! Do you do it with friends, too?

First of all I get naked :D And then I run into the water as quickly as possible because I often skinny dipped with friends and we came to swim in the nude, not to celebrate a nudist beach party ;)

Let's run in together! Are we allowed to hold hands?

Sorry, I need both of my hands to dunk you underwater once we're in the lake :D

I love the "naked" abandon as we drop our clothes and run for the water to hide.  Then the feeling of the cool water kissing and occasionally penetrating my box is sensually sublime.  Add the delight of that same cool water supporting my breasts and making my nipples as erect as his bone and you have a masterpiece of fun.  I like skinny dipping under the moon light, and standing up to amaze my friends with the way the water glistens on my full boobs with their erect nipples.  There is absolutely nothing about skinny dipping that isn't a total rush!

Agree! Something quite sensual about being in the skinny under the moon light!