My Wife Grew Up Skinny Dipping

My wifes family owns a somewhat secluded lake house. So ever since they were kids they swam nude...took the sun etc. I've always have been shy and guarded about my nudity so a real culture shock to me. Especially when an older male neigbhor of thiers was happy to share how he enjoy watching my wife and her sisters swim. He said he watched them blossom into women. He pointed out the subtle differences in thier body types...joked how the share the same ***. I was squirming as he talked. I can also recall how embrassed I was the first time my mother n law caught us swimming nude. She tried to be kind stating the cold water does that to men...I was dying. Till next time. I have more to share.
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Ahh very fun. I love skinny dipping! Please add me

I skinny dipped in some very cold water with a girlfriend and yes shrinkage does occur, but her nipples were about to explode.

Oh don`t be modest, I bet u have a nice **** !!!

Such a lucky neighbor, bet he did take notes on just how the sisters, "blossomed into women".
I know I sure would of done the same. I think it is hot to hear his enjoyment. May I assume the neighbor watched mother in law as well?? "Others", perhaps the sister's friends, mother in law's friends???? Wonder if he has secret photos to remember them by. He must of watched for some time period and looked forward to the summer months with added excitement. Such is the pleasure of seeing something so natural, as skinny dipping.
Great story. Hope mother in law has the chance to see the less cold view of you..

its funny how a nicee cool dip in the lake ,pond or pool can ruin your day :( lol

Everyone with a grain of sense knows it's not the the way you please someone:)

Zammi all guys contract in when surrounded by cold water or even cold air.. no one should be embarassed about their body anyway, what ever size and shape you happen to be..

You should be ashamed, to be seen naked if you have a below averaged sized penis.