My Introduction To Skinny Dipping

My mother and father got divorced - he moved away and I have seen him only a couple of times since then. But when my mom started dating my stepfather a whole different world opened up. He was very good to me and treated me well. He would take me out to movies and we would hang out with my new cousins and family. My mom and I went over to spend a weekend at his place - he was having family over on Saturday and so it was going to be a kind of party. He had a pool - so I brought my swimming suit.

That night after dinner he asked me if I wanted to take a swim. Of course the answer was yes - I said I was going to get my suit. He told me not to bother - which I didnt quite understand at first. He asked why I needed it - and I said to go swimming. I remember him looking at my mom. He said we're all family now - let's just skip the suit. I looked at my mom and she said if I wanted to I could. He grabbed me a towel and told me to leave my clothes in "my" room. In my room I was nervous about the whole thing but didnt want to miss the chance either. I came out with the towel wrapped around me and nothing else. We went out by the pool where he pulled off his shirt and shorts (no underwear) and dived in the pool. I hadnt really seen a grown man naked before. Mom was sitting by the pool with a drink and said well if your going in you better get to it. It had also been a while since Id been naked in front of mom other than her popping in and out of my room or the bathroom while I was in the tub or something. Yikes.

I went toward the shallow end. Took off the towel and jumped in. After the cold wore off a bit it was the BEST FEELING EVER!!! At first I was nervous about getting out of the pool but after he did several times and asked me to show him my best dive I got used to it - even with mom there lol.

This was a good thing because Saturday when the rest of the "family" arrived I realized that although girls wore swimming suits, none of the boys did. After that I never wore a suit in his pool. And after they got married we moved into his place. It was great never having to bother with it. Although my grandparents (mom's mom and dad) were a little surprised the first time they came over - but never said anything after that - at least not to me.

My wife and I have continued the tradition with our three boys.
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You make me envious!
I grew up with sort of an unwritten rule that nudity = nasty or naughty.
On one occaision I did walk up on my dad & older siblings & a friend of theirs skinny-dipping in a large pond, after out walking the family property with a younger bro. (probably hunting or fishing). They were all naked, and with so much prudishness from the other side of the family I suppose, already ingrained, I was too squeamish to get naked & swim when they invited me to. I regret that, now and have for some time.

I was messed with a certain amount during my youth, too, so that could have been helpful -- none of them knew about any of it. Also, later on got molested in a swimming pool while all there were wearing suits. Finally, years later, after getting rather religious even, I felt I needed to visit a certain nudist camp. I resisted but after praying a lot about it, I finally went, despite my difficulty with the idea. It turned out to be very healing for me as I learned other time to have a healthier and actually more biblical view of my natural self.

I grew up in a clothing opp family, seeing my parents and sister naked was common, family skinny dipping was normal during summer months.

Wonderful story! Great bonding experience with your new father, too! Glad you kept up the tradition with your kids! Any stories to relate there? In today's extra-modest generation I'm sure there's been some conversations about the topic or shock when their friends saw them skinny dipping!

It is a great time - and a unique feeling. The my in-laws wound up getting a pool for when the boys came over. My father in law had the good sense to have a higher fence put up as well. My kids moan every time they have to put on a suit. We were vacationing in Florida and they pulled off their suits as soon as they got far enough out. A guy about my age came up and was laughing. He also told me there was a beach where suits were "optional" just down the way. Guess where we spent the rest of that vacation!<br />
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Growing up the best was seeing my friends faces when we would go for a swim the first time!

Its like the experience defines itself. Very few people who have tried nude swimming ever want to wear a suit again. Of course there are many times when one HAS TO, but every chance you get to go skinny the more you wish you could always do it. I have never met a family with their own pool who does not have regular family, even family and friends, nude swimming.

I love to skinnydip, but grew up thinking that it was probably wrong or bad. How great that you had parents telling you (and showing you) that it is a good thing!

The first time that I wore a Speedo when I went swimming it gave me the feeling that I wasn't wearing anything in the pool.

Cool story. There is nothing like it.

He was very cool. And always took care of me. He taught me a lot. I had a pretty great time growing up overall.<br />
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There is nothing like skinny dipping. Glad I found out about it - glad my family enjoys it as much as I do! Hard to wear anything in the water now, and I hate those occasions when I have to.