Off With The Socks Like A Fiery Fox

The bramble is quickly setting in on the trees and the leafs are forming as blinds to a better privacy.
Yet the squirrels wore no sweaters, and the deer wore no pants!
"It looks like all you's are having a cluster of fun.. not having to sweat.
Sure, you all don't have pockets, but none of you have to deal with underwear,either!"

The animals agreed.
There were no public sanction committees around so I'm sure the only real risk were the fly fishers scammering and clammering some miles down stream.
A fish hook flesh wound in the exposed rump would not make a good catch whatsoever.

Off with the socks like a fiery fox and off with the shirt like it contains chicken pox!

Okay once you make it halfway in then it's all easy from there. You go 'bbrrrr--rrrrrrr, oh my!!!' and then it's all cooling off and being shirtless like the squirrels.. or pantless like a deer.

Now, I'm not saying that deer haven't been in a pair of Levi's anytime or that a squirrel was never in a Charlie Brown shirt (this must happen!) It's just that I have never witnessed it on a personal account.

The only thing that sucks is that you face public indecency charges if you attempt to stay comfortably nude after the activities of naked swimming. So stay flopping around the waters like a wild fun loving fish until you can deal with threads once more but also watch out for those fly fishers.
LomeMartian LomeMartian
May 15, 2012