Romantic Skinny Dip

My boss frequently invites his employees to use his swimming pool, but he isn’t really well liked so few accept his generosity. He can be a chauvinistic jerk and somewhat of a lecher much of the time but I have learned to tolerate him and even like him some of the time. Because I am one of the few employees who gets along with him he has extended to me a somewhat open invitation to use his pool. For the past month or so I have accepted his hospitality an average of about once a week. I think part of the reason he likes having me as a guest is because I always wear a thong bikini. Thongs are not very common around here and I don’t even wear one in public. But at a private pool, why not. Even though he is a bit of a lecher Jack has never made any unwanted passes at me. There is usually at least one other person present when I swim in his pool so I am safe from any advances. Only on one occasion was I alone with Jack and he was a perfect gentleman that occasion.

Last week during a hot night, Lynne and I kind of invited ourselves to Jack’s house for a swim. Jack joined us in the pool where we were all having a pleasant time. Around 10:30 Jack got out of the pool to get dressed. He had to go into work at closing time to do his weekly inventory. He told us we were free to stay and use the pool and we accepted the offer.

As soon as Jack left I ******** out of my bikini to skinny dip. It felt so wonderfully free and comfortable to have the water flowing over my bare flesh as I swam around. I tried to talk Lynne into skinny dipping with me but she declined. I was a little surprised because she is usually wilder than me and a bigger exhibitionist than I am. She seemed a bit uncomfortable and I wondered if she was concerned that I might hit on her if we were both naked. If she ever showed any interest I would love to introduce her to the joys of girl/girl fun. However, I respect her desire to be a true blue heterosexual and I would never impose myself on her unless she indicated she was open to it. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked.

We swam and soaked in the pool for a while with Lynne still seeming uncomfortable. It is possible that something other than my nudity was bothering her. She has seen me nude before and it never seemed to annoy her.

Eventually Lynne expressed a desire to leave. Since I had come to Jack’s house with Lynne I would have to leave when she did. I was really enjoying myself so I didn’t want to go. I tried to find a way to let Lynne leave but still have a ride home. I called Paul and invited him to skinny dip with me. He accepted so Lynne was able to leave and I was temporarily left alone in the pool.

After a few minutes I got out of the water and took a lawn chair to sit at the back corner of the house. There is a vacant lot next door so I was able to easily see cars approaching on the street. The only lights that were on were the pool lights so I didn’t think anybody could see me in the darkness. Even if the pool lights cast enough of a glow to reveal my position, probably the only thing anybody could see would be my silhouette. Since it was late on a week night there wasn’t any traffic on the street. After sitting there for several minutes the first car I saw was Paul’s. I saw his car slowing down as it disappeared from my view around the front of the house. I stood up in anxious anticipation of greeting him in the nude. I waited….and waited….and waited. What was wrong? Why wasn’t he coming back to the pool? I finally crept along the side of the house until I could peek around the front corner to see Paul’s car parked on the street. I tried waving to him to get his attention but I didn’t detect any movement in his vehicle so I don’t think he saw me. I was becoming very confused and curious as to why he didn’t get out of the car. The street was fairly well lighted with occasional street lamps so I lingered in the shadows as I tried to decide what to do.

I didn’t know it at the time but Paul wasn’t sure if he had the right address. He didn’t know I had ridden with Lynne to the house so he was expecting to see my car. He didn’t want to just walk into some strangers back yard in search of me. He was trying to call me on my cell to confirm the address but my phone was in the back yard and set on vibrate so I didn’t hear it.

I saw his brake lights come on then his car started to pull away from the curb. I screamed “NO!” and dashed out from the darkness of the shadows. He had only moved ten or fifteen feet when he heard my scream and stopped. I dashed up to the car and ducked my head into the open passenger window to excitedly ask “Where are you going?” He broke out laughing when he saw my naked body and me frantically concerned about him leaving. He briefly explained his confusion about being at the right address while I remained naked along side the well lighted street. When I assured him he had the right address his eyes scanned my naked body and he laughed “I can see that now.”

When he got out of the car I dashed to the back corner of the house to get out of the light. It was close to midnight and all the houses in the neighborhood were dark so I doubt if anybody saw me on the street, but it was still very exhilarating to put myself at risk of being seen so openly.

When Paul came around the corner of the house I threw myself into his arms and we kissed passionately. I love being naked in my man’s arms while he is still fully clothed. The sensations of vulnerability and sensuality it gives me is one of the true delights of womanhood.

That delightful moment didn’t last long as we both proceeded to ***** Paul’s clothes off of his body. When we were both naked we lowered ourselves into the pool to enjoy each other’s company. We didn’t frolic or splash around any because we didn’t want to disturb the neighbors. We swam around briefly before we started making out in the water. It wasn’t long until I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull myself up and wrap my legs around his hips. With his hands cupped over my *** cheeks to support me I reached down and guided his hard **** into my *****. We were in chest deep water that helped to buoy my weight as we ****** standing up. Paul gently moved his **** in and out of me while I contracted my ***** muscles around his ****. We ****** for quite a while before it eventually became evident to us that neither one of us was going to be able to *** in the water. That didn’t stop us from ******* though. Even though ******* eluded us it still felt great to have him inside of me for such an extended period of time. We must have ****** in the water for a half hour or so. It was a uniquely special experience as we began talking and sharing our deepest thoughts as we continued to gently **** each other. Sometimes we would just stand still and talk while his **** was inside of me. Other times he would slowly thrust his **** in and out of me or I would just as slowly rise up and down on his ****. It was an extremely intimate and erotic experience that we both greatly enjoyed.

Eventually we felt the need to bring our sexual activities to a climax. We separated and got out of the swimming pool. We moved to the lawn where we lay down and he entered me in the missionary position. We were still in the back yard, but off to the side of the house so we could potentially be seen from the street. At that late hour in the darkness, neither of us was worried about getting caught. Paul pumped his manhood in and out of me just as slowly as he had done in the pool as I gazed up at the sky. It was a cloudy night so I couldn’t see any stars in the sky, but it was still immensely romantic to be making love while laying on the soft grass.

Paul’s gentle thrusts continued for a while before he gradually increased the force and tempo until we were ******* like two wild animals. I raised my legs to wrap my calves around his thighs as me pummeled my *****. It occurred to me that we were in almost the exact same position we had been in the pool, only now we were horizontal. The thought didn’t linger long as I became overwhelmed with the arousal that was building up inside of me. I felt his **** throbbing as his hot *** flooded my *****. The thought hit me that for the second time in less than a week we were ******* without a condom. No harm… if either of us had an STD we had already passed it along. Paul’s ****** ended and his **** started to soften some but he kept pumping it into me until my body quivered and shook from my own ******. Didn’t have multiple ******* but that was fine. The ****** I had was good enough and the romantic atmosphere made in incredibly wonderful

Paul rolled off of me and we cuddled on the ground as we shared the afterglow of our accomplishment. Eventually we got up and returned to the pool were we cleaned ourselves off and cuddled in the water. We just talked kissed and caressed each other for quite a long time. The romantic atmosphere of caring for each other was actually more exquisite than the act of sex. I felt very close to Paul and didn’t want the night to end. I knew it was wrong to foster feelings of love for my friend and **** buddy because they would never come to fruition. However I couldn’t help feeling more than the normal affection I have for Paul. I sensed that he was experiencing strong feelings too, but I know he would never admit it. Neither one of us expects the other to drop their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Eventually we began to prune in the water so we got out, tenderly dried each other off and got dressed. The ride home was very quiet as it seemed like we were both in a state of deep reflection. When we got home we kissed goodnight then headed to our respective apartments. If nothing else, Paul at least put me into a pleasantly dreamy state of mind as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day everything was back to normal with us just being good friends with benefits. It was almost as if the exceptionally romantic night had never happened. That is good since I don’t really view Paul as a possibility to be a long term boyfriend. He is a lot of fun but at times he is just too immature. In contrast my boyfriend, Bob, is very mature but sometimes isn’t much fun. If I could just combine the best attributes of both guys I would have the perfect man.

Even though I am able to control any serious feelings for Paul, that night was really special and I will always hold the memory of it dearly in my heart.

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Great experience and nicely told.

Where I was expecting this to go:
Lynne was uneasy because of cameras, someone watching?
Jack came back and caught you and Paul.
Why didn't you call Bob?
Just saying.

It was late and Bob was surely in bed already. Paul kept more erratic hours so he was still awake when I called. On another occasion I did have sex with Bob at that pool too.

Q: And Jack?
A: He went up the hill to fetch a pail pf water!
Sounds like you are daring and fun.
Keep it up.

Skinny dipping with friends is definitely the best!

thank-you for sharing your wonderful experience

a wonderful experience expressed beautifully...