Whenever I Can

I love to swim naked whenever I can get the opportunity. Sometimes, it will be in a hill pool near my house: the pool is far enough away from anyone that I can ***** off and walk naked to it most of the way. Then there's no problem taking time to undress and put on a suit and then the reverse when I come out of the pool. Sadly, the pool isn't very deep, but at least I can get wet!

I also go to the sea, which isn't too far from my house. I'll swim nude there if there's no-one about (either on land or on the water) and if the sea's warm enough, which isn't very often.

The place I've done most nude swimming is on a naturist holiday to Fuerteventura. I swim naked in the complex pool as well as in the sea. Again, no need to worry about a swimsuit. Just go straight in and afterwards, no costume to dry. It's also very nice to feel the freedom of swimming without any encumbrances and to feel the water slipping past my body: so relaxing!

I also took the opportunity once in New Zealand to skinny dip at a beach listed in 'Bare Beaches'. I can highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to skinny-dip who isn't sure where to go.
uwaterskye uwaterskye
70+, M
Jan 5, 2013