Skinny Dipping At Grand Bend Beach

My friends and I have an annual trip of visiting Grand Bend for the weekend. We usually rent a cottage and have a real good time. Last summer we went to the beach during the day (so there are hundreds of people there). After swimming for a while the girls decided to go tanning and the guys went with them. I just told them that I wanted to spend a little bit more time in the water.
When they left I ******** off my boardies. The water on my body felt great! I began jacking off and even almost lost them due to the waves! Thank God I had a tight grip 'cause that would have been embarrassing! I finished and returned to shore. Probably one of my better skinny dipping experiences. Ever since then I skinny dip every chance I get
simmons93 simmons93
18-21, M
Jan 5, 2013