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Our Pool, Our Rules

When Jill was pregnant with our 2nd child, we decided we needed more space than our two bedroom place offered. When out looking at houses one day, I got turned around and ended up in a somewhat rural area instead of the development we were looking for (amazing what missing one turn will do).  As we were driving down the road, I spotted a "For Sale by Owner" sign in front of a house and slowed to look at it.  The house looked to be above our price range, but it was really what we both thought was an ideal home for us.
We stopped and looked from the car, then I pulled into the driveway so we could walk around and get a better look at the house.  It was a 4 br brick ranch, with a 3-car attached garage and what looked to be another garage in back.  There was a privacy fence around the back yard, preventing us from seeing more than the front of the house.
As we were walking back toward our car, we heard a voice asking if we would like to see the rest of the house.  We turned to see a lady close to our age standing in the walk out garage door.  We said "sure" and followed her into the house for a tour.  The place was beautiful, we loved everything about it, and I knew we needed to seriously consider purchasing it when we saw the pool in the back yard. 
Long story short - the house was for sale because of a divorce, and they were desperate to sell it.  We made an offer of 30% below the value, and it was accepted because it allowed them to break even on the house and walk away.

Once we were all moved, I set to getting the pool cleaned and ready for use.  Our first evening in the house, I asked Jill to come outside with me.  When she made her way outside, she looked exhausted and ready for some rest.  I announced that our pool was ready and suggested we enjoy our maiden swim in our new pool.  Jill said she wasn't in the mood to begin looking for a suit, and had no desire to do much but sit and rest.  I told her "it's our pool, we don't need suits" and smiled.  We were pretty casual about dressing around home and both comfortable nude around others, dressed or nude, and it seemed natural that we would be nude in our own pool.  Jill joined me in the pool, nude, and we have enjoyed the pool nude for the 20 years we've owned the home. 
Our kids grew up without suits for the most part, the occasional bikini bottom or trunks for larger gatherings has been accepted, but we have always felt a pool is best enjoyed nude.  It's out pool, our rules.
Ismiles Ismiles 46-50, M 5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Great rules to live by

Great rules. Once people experience nudity, the fears tend to go away, with many wanting to experience it again.

Great set of rules. If my wife and I eventually buy a home similar to yours, we plan on having that same rule as well.


Good rules.

They have worked out very well for us. We've also found that most who join us and experience the water nude, are amazed at how wonderful it is to swim and relax nude.

Nice, that's pretty much how I use our pool. My wife will swim the same way when we are alone, but not when others are there. Part time skinny dipping for her is better than not at all in my book!